Settlers Tips?

Hello Green Mansters,

So, think I'm doing the settlers thing this year again. It's 5ish years since I did it (2010 I think?) and once again I'll be arriving on foot by public transport/taxi, travelling light and cheap and walking everywhere once I get there (I tend to walk everywhere I can anyway and think nothing of it!). The main reason is to try and get 3 long days of lovely lonely walking as this is probably going to be my main holiday this year. I've already plotted out my options on the map! Which probably means 3 days of sheltering from the rain with a book.

But yeah, this is VERY early to be thinking about this, I know, but as part of my daydreaming I was thinking about plans for things like food- I think last time I ate on the site one evening, at the chippy in Crickhowell one evening and at the nice pub by the river (The Bridge End) the other evening and wandered back just before it got dark. 

I know they've changed things a bit for settlers in the last few years and I'm looking forward to there being bands in the evenings. Food and drink used to be a bar and a pizza place (which did breakfast too, I think?) Is that still the same? And where is good offsite (ie in Crickhowell) for a drink or a meal these days? I've seen that Cider Mill place but it looks a bit posh for a sweaty person in shorts and muddy walking boots;) Is it? What about the one in the middle of town, the Bear?

Anyone else settling this year?

We (wife and me) are doing it this year too, daughter and friend arriving on the Thursday, last time was 3\4 years ago. Had great intentions of doing some walking up hills whilst there but weather was pretty grim so didn't bother. On the one decent day we walked into Crickhowell and had lunch at the Bear, not bad at all. Last year we camped beforehand at Penpont near Brecon. Would also be interested in what else is on offer to settlers this year.

Walking-wise, the Sugarloaf is fantastic, though it's a long trek from the site given that you only start climbing a mile or two the other side of Crickhowell. If you want a couple of hours up and down a hill then I can recommend the Hill fort/ Table Mountain directly above Crickhowell (climbed from the main road just on the edge of the village). If you're feeling more energetic than that (and happy with mountain walking), keep heading north along the ridge from there, which is pretty high and vast- you don't really realise until you get up there that Table Mountain is totally dwarfed by the hills behind it.. I did something like this route last time:

This time I'll probably do one of those two, plus one day going each direction along the canal. If the weather's ok. 

If you go walking in the other direction from Crickhowell, both the White Hart and the Star Inn at Talybont do good food and beer. The Cider Mill is not too stuffy but does tend to get larger family groups in rather than walkers. 


The Star is a great pub, but it is quite a hike from the site isn't it? I thought best part of 10 miles? Think you could get a bus to cover most of that mind

Looks like about 8ish miles, so should get there for lunchtime. Ideal as long as I don't drink too much to be able to walk 8 miles back. And if I do drink too much, there's always the bus for some of it as you say.... I see that a similar distance in the other direction there's a pub in Govilion. Worth a stop? Or somewhere in Gilwern?

Don't know that, but the Star is definitely worth seeking out. It's right on the canal. The Bridge End in Crickhowell is a good locals pub. I like The Bear, and the food is pretty good, but it is somewhat more well to do than the Bridge End. That said, I believe quite a few artists appearing at the festival stay at The Bear, so think they're used to all sorts by now! Think that's the way in Crickhowell generally. The locals may have viewed the festival suspiciously at first, but now they realise what a nice bunch we are, and of course it's a bumber weekend for them. Likewise, the Cider Mill is probably more usually home to a slightly better dressed clientele, but I went 3 or 4 years back and they were perfectly welcoming. Like everyone else, they appreciate the business. All these places are no doubt popular with walkers all year round anyway, so I'm sure they're used to seeing walking boots and the occasional pair of bare legs!

Interesting thread.

We're staying on a Settler's Pass for the first time this year. we have a couple of very active 11 year olds, who are familiar with accompanying us to pubs and longish walks, so this is valuable info.

Can anybody recommend any other interesting, reasonably priced activities/places to visit nearby?

Well worth the 45mn drive to the waterfalls near Ystradfellte. We parked at Cwm Porth just south of Ystradfellte, lots of info and a National Park shop there for maps etc. Walks of various lengths through beautiful woodland to visit several of the waterfalls including one you can walk behind. Just as lovely on a rainy day as a sunny one.

We always go to Talybont Waterfalls for an afternoon with the kids in our Green Man group (aged 12, 10, 6, 3) which is just up the road in the car (small car park at start of trail). Easy walk up to a nice waterfall which bigger kids can paddle in.

If you Google it there's lots of instructions about how to get there, but here's a starter:

We "settled" for the first time last year (couple + 2 kids) and must have enjoyed it as we're doing it again this year! 

Good: Excellent live music in the evenings, on site activities for young 'uns, canoeing (can be booked on site), general atmosphere on site, opportunity to explore Wales

Bad: I hate to slag off a place on the basis of one visit but ... an honourable shout out for the most deceitful barman in Wales and his smarmy condescending rude bar manager in The Bear. 

Thanks y'all for the walking tips. We didn't do enough of that last year just a canal walk and a walk into Crickhowell and back. Regarding food on the site. Pie Minister was there all week and the Hurly Burly opened on Wednesday evening. 

Great intel Slugger thanks, see you there.

Will check out Talybont ethansdad, sounds like we'll be having a few days of falling water.

Not sure that having Pieminister open all week bodes well for my waistline!

I'm doing the Settler's Pass for the first time this year with my daughters joining later in the week. Weather permitting I'm going to do this walk on the Tuesday if anyone wants to come along too: I did it earlier in the year and it is not too hard and you start and finish from the site. For other things to do locally with kids, Big Pit is well worth a visit and it's free.