Settlers tickets (standard, not live-in)

Hi all, have posted an alert on the reseller site but looking for two Settlers tickets please (standard, not live-in). We have festival tickets and were previously able to upgrade easily but all have sold out. Loving the fact so may people have realised how amazing a week at Glanusk is, but rueing my inertia in this case x

So I have two settlers tickets and a car park pass I'm now not able to use :(

The condition of sale is if there is a silent disco you must dance at it for me :D

Hi Faerie Kisses, are these two tickets still available?

My friend is after two standard tickets, but might be interested in the settlers as time is now ticking, how much are they please ?

Little Otter x

Oh Ciaron I'm so sorry, my friend who had the student ticket messaged last night (I hadn't turned my phone on yet) saying he wants both now.


I'm so so sorry to raise your hopes and mess you around lovely.

Ahhh, oh well

If anyone else has any tickets on here, keep me in mind please.