Settler's Pass

Does anyone know what the deal is if you have bought tickets in previous releases and were planning on buying a holiday ticket later? I note that the Settlers' pass is being sold as a combined ticket now, so just wondering what that means. Also, is it a lot more expensive than last year? Thanks Em

I have spoken to Ticketline who are saying the only option is to upgrade to the full priced settlers pass ticket, thus negating any savings made.

All live in vehicle tickets have apparently sold out - they are all marketed as settlers pass live in vehicles.

What a joke

Last update...

Greenman have confirmed that we can buy holiday tickets directly from them.

And relax...

Why change the system after the Early Bird tickets have been sold? It's causing a lot of difficulty and confusion. I paid for Holiday Live In tickets plus my entry to the festival but didn't realise I had to pay for individuals staying in the vehicle. Now the individual tickets aren't available separately. Ticketline say I can only upgrade to the Settler's Ticket but they seem to have sold out and are much more expensive than my previous ticket. Does anyone know if my Live In Holiday Ticket is still valid - I presume it is. And can I get the individual tickets when I get there or direct from Green Man?

I bought an early bird holiday live in vehicle ticket and 2 holiday tickets, like last year. When I tried to buy 2 adult tickets and 2 children last week, ticket line were trying to sell me the settlers tickets, to be fair it was highly confusing. Probably not the best idea to change the way it works halfway through.

If you want to upgrade your early bird tickets to settler's pass tickets, then just drop us an e-mail at and we'll arrange the upgrade for you. We''ll also be able to answer any specific questions you have!

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Thanks Walter. I did have an email from GM a few weeks ago to confirm what I needed and they suggested that I would be sent an invoice for the balance but nothing has happened! Bit worried that they will run out!

When are you allowed to camp with a settler's pass and is there much for children to do?



Hi, I have 3 adult tickets for sale as I can no longer go due to family illness unfortunatley. I have friends who ae already coming down and could meet at the site to exchange. They are very reliable as am I so please note these are geniune tickets and I can email photos if required. My email address is if anyones interested. Thanks, deborah

You can camp from the Monday - there are a few activities onsite, but be prepared to bring stuff with you to keep them entertained.


How old are your children?