I think I've messed up! 

We normally camp and do settlers but this year we've got a motorhome so bought a motorhome ticket assuming it included settlers. After checking I dont think it does so panic is setting in. I've also noticed all settlers tickets have now sold out. i believe all campervan/motorhomes are in the same place so if we turned up on Monday morning and paid the extra would we get in? Who could we ask about this? We would hate to miss settlers 

Sadly I don't think you'll get in with your motorhome before Thursday. Settlers has its own live in vehicle area which always sells out quickly. 

The Settlers' motorhome ticket and the general motorhome ticket are two distinct things and it is the Settlers version that you would need. Is this definitely what you have?

If so, you are missing just the Settlers upgrade to the main festival ticket to allow you to stay from the Monday. In previous years this has been available to buy 'on the door' but Green Man has stated that due to the increasing popularity of Settlers this facility cannot be guaranteed this year. That said, given that your 'space' has already been allocated via the motorhome ticket, I can't see how you could justifiably be refused.

If you have a general motorhome ticket this is in a different part of the site to the Settler's area and you won't be able to upgrade to Settlers.


It would seem tough if you have a motor home ticket for the weekend but unable to have the same for the settlers.  

Suggest you contact  and ask if they can accommodate you for the settlers.