Settler Campervan

If by some mircale someone is selling a settlement livein vehicle pass please hit me up. After a catastrophy of errors during early bird sale, incorrect information being supplied by both GM customer services and ticketline and basically being told to go f*** myself by GM customer services, we have ended up with settlers festival passes but no live-in vehicle pass.

If anyone is looking to get rid (or inccidentally swap a normal live in pass as we bought one just in case) please do let me know as I'm desperate. 

Really? That doesn't sound like GM staff. I made a mistake with tickets at this years festival and they were incredibly helpful.

As I understand it, you should be able to get the ticket when they go on general sale.

Well, having gone to the festival for several years and my partner will have made this his 10th year we would have said the same thing too. Both ticketline and GM customer services have been less than helpful, and (after pointing out a flaw in thier booking system) cslled me a liar, they’ve gone right down in my estimation. 


Walter, I have emailed that address previously and been passed around between ticketline and the gm customer services, so I’m not sure if there is any point at this moment in time.


However since we are no stuck with settlers tickets we can’t use we are desperate for a settlers camper ticket or for someone to purchase settlers passes from us so.. bump if anyone can help. 

Hi again. Thanks for getting back to us, we're really keen to sort this out for you. Please could you send an email to with subject 'FAO customer services' with details of the situation and we can try to get this sorted. Thanks . 

Managed to get my upgrade to settlers ticket today after I cocked up my early bird.  Had to ask the GM helpdesk and got to say they were really helpful.

Hi Walter, I have emailed the address provided a week ago as instructed but yet to hear from anyone.

If somehow I manage to get a settlers van pass I'll have a spare regular van pass Lisar so I'll keep you in mind!

Hi there, my human counterparts are trying to get to the bottom of this and will be in touch shortly. 

Woof x 

We are in the same position. We have Settlers tickets for the week as our family holiday, but for love nor money could not get a camper van pass as sold out at first release. Our fifth year at the festiavl and we have been left very disappointed at how Green Man Help lines couldn't care less. Are the campervan passes being taken up by the festival go'ers who are only attending for the weekend?

Desperately need a live in vehicle pass or will not be able to attend this year. We have a van, not a tent!