Set List Choices to please the punters

I know there may be new stuff to promote and time constraints etc but wouldn't it be absolutely awesome to hear John Cale's beautiful crooning of "Hanky Panky Nohow" floating across the arena on Saturday evening? Going by recent set-lists it looks a bit unlikely but not impossible. In fairness he's a lot to choose from and seems to favour a lot of the new "Nooky Wood" stuff. 

I'd also love to hear Phosphorescent's "Wolves" live and now that at chez Slugger we've decided after much deliberation that Band of Horses will be our Saturday closer choice ahead of Allah-las (no Villagers fans here!!) the anthemic "Funeral" must be played. 

I'm reminded of Dexys magnificent set last year where except for the mandatory "Come on Eileen" they stuck with the new stuff and put on a great show. Maybe the artistes know best. (except for you Cale if you're reading this! Haaaaaaaaanky Paaaaaaaanky!!!)

Anyone else got any fantasy requests? 

Good shout for "Wolves" Slugger.

I suppose Patti delivering a rendition of "Horses" would get GM2013 off to a cracking start too.

We hadn't even considered Thursday yet! Usually I'm too exhausted having got up in the middle of Wednesday night to drive halfway across Ireland to get the early ferry from Dublin to Holyhead and then drive down through Wales to finally arrive in Crickhowell about 7.30pm whereby I awaken the crew who are raring to go having slept for most of the journey. After pitching the tent and a couple of pints, even Patti herself wouldn't be able to arouse me!!

... However this year we're treating ourselves and doing the trip on Wednesday, staying in a B&B in Crickhowell Wednesday night and hitting the festival as early as possible. 

Patti better be worth it!!! 

i would love to hear 'sun arise' and to bar room boogie of 'its hard to be humble' by phosphorescent. 'Weight' by Mikal Cronin will be my song of the festival no doubt, also 'Sea within a Sea' the Horrors is a blinder live i bet.

I hope you're correct Ray. He hasn't played it at Pitchfork and Primavera festivals recently according to 


Maybe if we all tumble and fight and look beautiful he'll get the hint! 


I won't be missing a moment of Villagers on Saturday night but I'd be very happy if BOH saved Dumpster World till the end as that's the only song of theirs I like.

Hoping Steve Mason does Fight Them Back and Dry The Rain, but othewise not at all bothered about set lists.


not sure what his setlist is like solo, ive never had the chance to catch him but would 'The Sweetness lies Within' from the old Hefner days be included? that would make my festival!!

Darren has plenty in his back catalogue to choose from hasn't he? I've never seen him before and expect his set to be one of my highlights this year. Would imagine he'll concentrate on the more recent witches and civil war stuff which is great though hope he squeezes in Rain All Summertime. -not that it will mind.