Self Isolation

Top tips for things to watch and listen to

Not my usual oeuvre (that was the point) so made for an interesting experience.

I've also gorged on Prince to cheer me up - no idea where that came from

Also, netflix recommends include Kominsky Method with Alan Arkin (self-isolation must be brilliant news for netflix etc...)

this could be our equivalent of singing italian songs from balconies...?

On the subject of books.....around 1300 pages long and my favourite novel bar none. Would keep you occupied for a while.

Must be time to do sopranos again....

Highly recommend the book.

Gerald Kaufman wrote a review not long after it was first published.  He was really upset When he got to around page 800 and realised there was only another 700 pages left to go.  Has also been said that if you want to understand post war India (up to the present times), then read this book, it is far more than just a simple tale of girl deciding which is the most suitable boy from her handful of eligible suitors.

Another vote here for Kominsky Method.

Uncut Gems is great if your stress levels can take it.

Better Things on iPlayer has made me laugh.

Loved the Miles Davis film last night. 

Hilary Mantel, Brett Anderson and Pete Paphides on the book front.

I'm going to teach myself a few guitar chords I've been avoiding and maybe some sketching. 

Might even watch Detectorists again just to cheer myself up.


Uncut Gem's, Better Things, Treme, all excellent.

The Center Will Not Hold- a documentary about Joan Didion is definately worth a watch- on Netflix of course.

Ten years plus since first reading it.

and was just as sad it ended this time. It's a world you want to stay in.

anyone else into Dickens? That'll keep you going for a while ....

There is a new copy of Viz out in two weeks.  Gotta keep going until then, hope the newsagent is not quarantined and then two weeks self isolation with Roger Melly, Sid the Sexist, Biffa Bacon and the rest of the gang.  

on a separate note, ha sanyone seen the 'virtual st patrciks day' micro-parades on twitter - I think RTE has a RTEvirtualparade hashtag. 

a) that'll put a smile on your face 

b) what else could we share virtually that is 'home made' and awesome to replace the 'real life' version?

Not everyone's cup tea but I love the Jack Reacher books and there's plenty of them, might go back and read them all again.  I haven't got Netflix (yet), so cant recommend anything on there, but Friday Night Dinner is back C4 this week and its our favourite comedy series by far - go and binge watch them all on catch-up if you want a laugh in these strange times.


Stay Safe and hopefully we'll be hanging out in Glanusk soon

Courtney Marie Andrews and The Tallest Man on Earth together in a log cabin in the Catskill Mountains LIVE! ...



...last night. 

Don't worry it's still up on Courtney's You Tube Channel. Plenty of chat, frivolity and Neil Young covers as well as a sneak preview of a song from Courtney's new album. Green Man gets a mention at the very end when they are answering questions to the camera. 

2016: Two narcissistic, immensely privileged and entitled blond men win things they didn't really want to win.

2020: Two narcissistic, immensely privileged and entitled blond men are completely and utterly out of their depth.


It's ace - thanks so much for sharing Slugger. She was deffo one of the highlights of GM 18 for me.

On an ENTIRELY different note, did anyone catch the Maradona documentary on telly over the weekend? Channel 4 I think, so should be on catchup. Fantastic documentary - amazing footage and production....


Very kind. You'll spoil your curmudgeonly reputation if you're not careful....

Waxahatchee snd Kevin MRoby on Thursday. Nice

They've released the last ten years' playlists on Spotify. We've started with 2019, yo la tango are floating through the house,  the wine is flowing. Gotta love a bit of quarantine....

I'm really enjoying the Amanda Shires "I so lounging" live shows every night on You Tube with Jason Isbell. Great mix of originals and covers. 

Must try to catch that!

For HGM fans - MC Taylor has just put out a fundraiser for public schools (that obviously means something totally different in the US context) - it's available on bandcamp

For those of you desperate for your fix of manchester music and culture............there is a new stream starting next week with live performances. pay what you feel, to try and raise ££ for performers and venues...called United we stream (Shite name)

And Richard Dawson and Sally Pilkington have made and released 6 super albums already in just over a week.

Mainly relaxy droney instrumental stuff. Might even appeal to some of you who inexplicably don't like Dawson:) It's become my go-to working from home soundtrack.

Hi there lads and lasses

Hope you're bearing up ok. Since it looks like we're all going to be here for a while, we thought you might like a little bit of a diversion.

Not only are all downloads on the Field Music bandcamp now set to pay what you want, but we've just uploaded a previously unreleased 2006 live set from the Tapestry Club, London. It's very, very fast.

This might interest a few on here

If you love guitars, Telecasters in particular, I can highly recommend Truetone Lounge and Ask Zac on YouTube. Loads of insight into great players who have played on thousands of records that you will know. Reggie Young in particular.