Second announcement

Not massively overhwelming for me which is probably a good thing given the first announcement and the potential for clashes.

Chuffed with White Fence, Yo La Tengo and Alex Rex

But even more massively chuffed with Mama's Broke right down there at the bottom of the bill. I came across them busking in the French Quarter of New Orleans (I was supposed to be at a conference!) three years back. They were playing the Shovels & Rope song, Birmingham and I got talking to them. They're from Canada and looked like they'd been riding the freight trains for weeks! I've badgered Green Man to book them ever sonce and whilst I'm sure it's nothing to do with my influence I'm so excited that they're playing. One for you to catch cyfarthfa?

Eels, Liminanas, Growlers, White Fence, Yo La Tengo all good for me. Quite like what I have heard from Nov3l. The write up of Kokoko sounds interesting, lots to listen to at the weekend

very pleased with the limiñanas, alex rex, yo la tengo and modern nature

otherwise, it's a whole passel of meh for me

bar some investigation of the unfamiliars - of whom there are many

so may get upgraded to a whoop

but i doubt it

Not a huge amount "down the bill" for me, but given that every year I seem to send in feedback that Eels and Yo La Tengo are the obvious potential headline acts who've never been to the festival, it's good to be listened to. The last Eels album got mixed reviews but I really like it.

And White Fence. Yay!

Eels and white fence a definite yes please.

I've tried but don't get on with ylt at all. Liminanas I should like on paper, but don't and found their set at eotr last year a bit meh.

Need to dig around the lower order later.

the email mail out conveniently has the new additions flashing on and off on the poster

though why they couldn't just give us a straightforward list of today's new announcements...

Green Man was my favourite weekend of the year last year - absolutely loved it, and was planning to go again this year.  But there was little I liked in the first announcement (I know I was in the minority as generally it seemed very popular).  And, sadly, it's the same with this announcement.  I think someone mentioned that last year's line-up was less Green Man-y than usual, and perhaps that's why it appealed to me more.  The acts I loved were Teleman, John Grant, Teenage Fanclub, Lemon Twigs and The Wedding Present (admittedly added late on for a sad reason) and there don't seem to be any equivalents this year.  (Although if anyone can recommend anyone I might like, I'd really appreciate it).

I'll keep listening to the playlist and hoping I fall in love with some of the names on it, as I really want to be there this year.  But so far it hasn't happened - there are a few acts I wouldn't mind seeing, but no one at all I'm excited about.

Sorry, I'm not trying to moan, I appreciate it's a great line-up for most and it's my tastes that are out of line.  But it's so frustrating as I have to choose between not being there, or being there with very few acts I'd like to see.

Thanks, that does help actually!  I'd be going by myself, which I guess makes things more difficult, as I can't just hang around and chat to friends when there's no one I want to watch.  So if there are a few hours with no acts I want to see, that's not great.

Having said that, I wasn't bored or lonely for a moment last year (the festival seemed very friendly, and there was so much going on, plus the weather meant just sitting around doing nothing was enjoyable).  Also I liked a lot of the Talking Shop stuff. 

Hmm ... I have a feeling a large part of the next few days will be spent listening to the playlist and trying to make a decision.  Do we think there's anything still to be added, or is that it?

i think two more announcements

though the latter one tends to mostly just be chai wallahs

you're right that fewer bands you want to see is trickier when you're on your own

but by all accounts a trip to the thursday night meet-ups can make you friends for life

you wouldn't get me there, of course

but that's just because i already have more friends than i can logistically handle

Wait a minute ... so there isn't much on the line-up that appeals to me AND I don't get you as a friend?  Green Man is sounding less appealing by the minute.

if you wait a few moments, many people will comment here to explain why not having me as a friend is a bonus worth paying for

(oh, and to clairfy, i didn't mean YOU wouldn't get me to the thursday night meet-up, i meant no one would get me there.  i don't want to meet any new people whatsoever.  it's nothing personal)

I should point out rowan cat that when you bump into mr ray over the course of the weekend he's nowhere near as scary as you'd expect.

I'm relieved to hear that.  I'm already unsure about coming this year, but if I have to spend the entire weekend in a state of dread that I might meet Mr Ray (especially if he thinks I'm trying to befriend him) that's a whole other reason not to go.

My take on things Rowan, for what its worth, is too much emphasis can be placed on line-up.  Of course it's great during these announcements to see names who immediately excite, but from past experience (when it comes to the weekend itself) it's often acts you've no prior knowledge or don't expect great things that produce some of the most memorable moments.  I think some my fav years at GM were the ones I went into with lowest expectation.  Either a new discovery or some act you've previously struggled with that completely changes your mind.  You're also not burdened with 'must sees' dictacting movements or drawing you away from something else you're enjoying; I've done that plenty of times only to be disappointed and wishing I'd stayed where I was.  The main thing is whether you enjoyed the GM atmosphere generally because that is pretty much assured whoever tips up.  Walter and team do a great job curating and catering for a range of tastes, so put your faith in that.

You're right, quite often at festivals it's been acts I've stumbled upon that I've enjoyed most.  And certainly having too many 'must sees' can be a problem.  I absolutely loved the atmosphere at Green Man - one of the best (or possibly THE best) out of all the festivals I've been to.  But at the same time, I can probably only do one festival this year, and with other festivals possibly having line-ups that appeal more, it's a hard choice!  That said, I've been doing lots of listening over the last few days and am particularly enjoying The Beths and Mapache, so may end up having quite a few names I want to see anyway.

the competition for worst band name hots up.

I mean I thought Car Seat Headrest would take some catching

but jockstrap?

dry cleaning?


Just realised Hand Habits is Meg Duffy who plays pretty cool guitar in Kevin Morby's band

Just listening to some of her stuff and might have another must see on my list

you're not allowed to say 'her' stuff, though

it's 'their' stuff

which, while i'm all for genderqueer rights, is just so gramatically annoying that i can't listen to the material

Is Hand Habits a collective noun, or a singular entity? Shouldn’t it be listen to ‘its’ stuff, rather than ‘their’ stuff? With Pictish Trail do we listen to his, their, or its stuff? I’ve confused myself now, but I have just had a large gin. 

i get your point

if hand habits is a band (and there is more than one person in this band), then using 'they' about hand habits, the band, is perfectly fine

but meg duffy herself prefers to be referred to by the 'they' pronoun, rather than 'she'

i understand the intent

but we therefore need a new pronoun

i'm not calling an individual person 'they'

not without a very quick headache in written text anyway

though, obvs, the gin will help

New to me and must see...

Pigs x 7, Mapache, Sons of Kemet, Ezra Collective, Gwenifer Raymond, Kruangbin, The Liminanas.



Its the 'other' place, there seems to be a lot of chat that there is another headliner to be announced......

I was never really a fan either. Apart from Souljacker, which is an underrated classic! Although it hasnt stopped me from selling my vinyl copy on ebay (shamless plug : and also check out the other listings. Including an original Blankety Blank Chequebook & Pen!!! But i digress). However, i figured what with King Gizzard headlining last year, I would assume that it was possoble they could do the job too....
Its all so intriguing!!!!

Even though there may be mixed feelings, I'm a bit surprised Eels would be playing but not headlining. They easily have enough material to fill a couple of hours, should sell tickets, should be accessible to people who aren't very familiar with them and would probably do something a bit more interesting than just stand and play some songs. These are difficult boxes to tick, and isn't really all true of 50% of Green Man headliners....

Can only guess there's something very special up the Green Man sleeve?