School age children - evenings

Hi all

This year will be my daughter's 5th GM - she will be 6 in January. 

Previously we have carted her about in a bike trailer of an evening, and she has fallen asleep eventually so we can watch the headliners - if we are lucky!


This year she says she doesn't want to go in the trailer and she's also been staying up later and later on our holiday (10/11pm...We are in France).


So my question is, those with kids of similar ages, how do you handle it?

Go with the flow.

Stressing about missing bands because your kids have had enough can spoil your festival.

This will be our 9th GM, our twins are now 14 and it took them a few years to reach headliner wakefulness. One of us would go back to the tent with them when they were tired.

There's a lot to be said for listening to the headliner, drifting across the night air to the campsite, with a large glass of something in your hand and a comfy chair outside your tent.

Indeed. Beirut sounded great back at the tent. On the other hand hearing Belle & Sebastian drifting through the air on the last day when all I had left was a hit chocolate and two damp digestive biscuits wasn't the best GM moment.

Definitely agree with going with the flow. The only way. 

if she’s six she’ll be the perfect age to ‘enjoy’ jimothy lacoste

and ensure he’s not playing to a completely empty tent 

Thanks for the replies! Yes, I think going with the flow sounds good. It's actually just reminded me of one evening at our very first GM with her...she was 21 months then so it was all a bit messy but we went with her older cousins. One of them was about the age our daughter is now and flaked out just after 9 and we all sat outside the tent with the oldest cousin (now 13, then 9) and he was very good company!