Saturday's Special Guest

Has anyone got any ideas who the 'Special Guest' could be on Saturday in the Far Out tent? Could it be David Byrne who's currently curating the Meltdown Festival on the Southbank and is scheduled to play with William Onyeabor the day before their Green Man appearance. He's also a well known collaborator with St Vincent. Too good to be true but you never know...

If it does turn out to be David Byrne, then hands down best Green Man ever.

Suspect it will be someone slightly less exciting, but you never know. A week to go and it feels like there is magic in the air.


the clue given out on FB was that it's someone 'bewitching'

doesn't really fit with DB

also too far down the bill for someone of his stature

lots of folks seem to think it's the wytches

though there was a mention of something to do with natasha khan

the latter far more preferable

but much less likely

they used the talking heads song 'and she was' on the film 'bewitched'. it would be great if it was him.

Can't see him filling that slot in Far Out but wonder if he will be appearing with the William Onyeabour band as he's already playing with them previous night?

Today's Telegraph says Beirut are playing Greenman next weekend. Is this a mistake by The Telegraph (it's there on page 10 of the ReviEw section), or are we really in for another appearance from Zach and co?! Could they be the Saturday mystery guest?

I would be surprised. My theory... The film Drifters was supposed to be happening with a Live Score. This was almost certainly going to be Field Music. Is it me or has this disappeared off the website? But we know that they'll be there as they'll be playing with Slug. And they're the right sort of band to get a good crowd into the Far Out tent at short notice.

I very much doubt this is the 'Special Guest' as they are already playing later that night and the bewitching clue would not make sense but Slowdive tweeted that they will be doing a DJ set at 7PM which would be the same time of the 'special guest' slot.

Ms Bat for Lashes seems to be teasing some forthcoming occurance on her Facebook / Instagram. Commentators seem to think it is a new album, but I am not sure they're not mistaking an I for an L! She also seems to be involved with a film, so it might be about that. I also wasn't sure the 'bewitched' clue connected - but perhaps to the Haunted Man? It would be great to see her again at GM!