Reviews thread

Think the Guardian review captures it quite well. And gives Big Jeff a nice mention.

Thanks for that bc ... not a bad article by Guardian Music standards. I'll look out for others to share

Does anyone else get slightly edgy if Big Jeff is not in the same place as them and think that they may have made the wrong choice?

ANyone else think the times are talking rubbish saying it always lashes it down? I have been lucky missing the few bad years (bar one). but still. 

I've seen him there a couple of times in years gone by.

I was fortunate enough to have my drink knocked over me by him one year outside the Rough Trade tent.

He did apologise.

I had just finished reading his book Guitar Man (recommended) so instead of delivering the usual stream of Mancunian invective reserved for such occasions, I merely blushed and fluttered my metaphorical fan.