residents ticket fiasco

i am a local resident who lives one mile from the glanusk estate, and want to buy 2 residents tickets for the sunday of the festival. a couple of years ago i also tried getting residents tickets, but when you go onto the ticketline page, it will not accept my postcode because it is 'not in their list of postcodes' i.e not an NP8 code. if you live on the Brecon side of glanusk, you live in powys, if you live on the crickhowell/abergavenny side (which is further away!!) then you have a NP8 postcode. i explained all this via email to the staff 2 years ago, and it was a right old fuss, involving me having to send a cheque to some PO box in london along with proof of my address, so i gave up in the end and just bought a full adult ticket. does anyone know a phone number/email address of someone that can sort this out for us VERY local residents?!!! its very annoying. i live in Bwlch which is walking distance to the site x