Requests for 2021

Too early? Assume they won't be able to get everyone on this year's lineup back

According to The Quietus Bright Eyes are playing, enjoying his new stuff

Damaged Bug would be nice. Richard Dawson in any of his many guises of course


Cannot see Glastonbury going ahead, just too soon, but with some herd immunity through vaccines, testing and precautions there is a possibility of some festivals going ahead late July/August time.  But if The start of the festival season is wiped out and the great uncertainty over what will be allowed later in the year, I cannot see the big names ready to schedule a string of performances at this time.  Being optimisti, it may be a good year for smaller, upcoming bands prepared to fill the gaps.

I'm hopeful that by late Summer things may be normal enough for some sort of festival to go ahead, but I think the year will be a write off in truth.

Our local leisure centre is a mass vaccination centre/rainbow hospital but I'm not sure they've actually started vaccinations there as yet. My partners grandad is 80 and he hasn't heard anything regarding a vaccine. The leisure centre has an ice rink attached so may have the equipment needed to store the Pfizer vaccine? Either way I've not heard of anyone going there. I'm way down the list anyway.

Keeping on topic - I'd like to see Orville Peck, he seems to be getting bigger and bigger and you'd expect a new album this year. Show Pony is a good EP too. I was excited when the cowboy teasers came out last year, only for it to be Mac DeMarco. 

Should've been at Butlins in Bognor Regis this weekend for Rockaway Beach. As recently as October I was hopeful it might still go ahead.

Now I've accepted that this summer will be another write off. I just don't see how any organiser can start planning a festival with any confidence it will take place.

I hope I'm wrong.

Bananagun have announced a gig in Todmorden in October,not heard anything by them myself but i remember Krasnyi enthusing over them.

Fantastic, a few days after my birthday and in The Golden Lion,loved the album which I picked up indeed after Krasnyi's recommendation, I'll be there.