Recommendations thread

Blimey, quiet on here innit?

Must all be watching the World Cup. I am.

Time for some recommendations - new stuff discovered from this year's line up.

For me:

Charles Watson - Now That I'm a River is one my favourite albums of 2018 so far. CW plays in the Slow Club and will also be playing in Surfing Magazines this year along with David and Franic from the incomparable Wave Pictures (who should play GM every bleedon' year, yeah?). Lovely 70s West coast summery vibe.

Seazoo - dreamy, jangly Welsh pop, what's not to like?

Eugene Capper and Rhodri Brooks - slighlty psychy, folky pop in the Gorky's vein. Playing on the Settlers stage. Not to be missed.

Ari Roar - short and snappy pop gems

What are yours then?




absolutely bloody definitely!

New bands (for us at least) that we are looking forward to: HMS Morris, Seazoo, Whyte Horses, The Lovely Eggs, Snail Mail, Goat Girl, Sorry, Haze, Spinning Coin and Buzzard - plus a load of bands we already know we like (including Rolling Blackouts, Omni and Boy Azooga).


The sun is shining and we’ve just had a practice go at putting our new extra tent so we are feeling only love and positivity for GM18!

I'm a bit disappointed with this year's lineup. A distinct lack of folk and a lot of "mneh"

I've had to dig deep and after a lot of investigation there are a few new (for me) discoveries that will float the good ship Slugger.

Snail Mail, Courtney Marie Andrews, Frankie Cosmos and the Surfing Magazines. 



was introduced to her music this weekend. Not folk, for you, but not half bad, imo 

Yeah I'll be at Phoebe's set unless she clashes with one of my 4 or 5 "must sees". 

I saw her supporting Conor Oberst a while back and she was very good. 

I'm rapidly catching up with Courtney Marie Andrews. I found her latest album a little glossy and over-produced but have just got hold of the previous one which is gorgeous. Surfing Magazines will be an undoubted highlight.Anything that David Tattersall turns his hand to is instant magic.

I'm with you on the dearth of folk, Slugger.


Totally agree re. CMA

I hadn't heard anything from her before investigations into this year's line-up. I think it was Ray that recommended her. The "On My Page" album is excellent stuff. 

Agree re. the new one although it should sound great live. (Although with a voice like that she could sing the telephone directory and I'd probably still enjoy it!)


Strange one for me this year,i love discovering new music/bands but nearly everything i plan to watch this year i already know or have alreadt seen.My only new favourite is King Tuff,someone i dismissed after a quick youtube listen but now his new cd is my most played this year.Of the smaller acts i like KVB [ if sisters of Mercy were a new wave electro band],Islet are always entertaining live and Marlon Williams is nice.A few more to listen to yet and i have not heard any of the much tipped Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever yet.

im completeky baffled that everyone isnt totally gagging with anticipation for the spectacular Brian Jonestown Massacre 

All else will pale....etc 

ill keep bringing this up between now and mid August no doubt 

I'm certainly looking forward to BJM but as was said i think this is about new recommendations.

Absolutely loving Rolling Blackouts, nothing highly original but great songs all the same.

I've been asking for Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre every year so it will be a perfect finish to the weekend for me.Its just this thread was about new discoveries.

im just a bit excited about BJM, is all

me too

though they should be on the big stage, obvs

Phobophobes on the rising stage are growing on me---not anything new but some loud garage always recharges me at a festival.Hope they are on the Friday.

A house move has well and truly scuppered my chances of attending this year but I definitely recommend Ed Dowie. His 'The Uncle Sold' album is great and finally seems to be getting some recognition 18 months after release. Also Seamus Fogarty, Bas Jan, Surfing Magazines, The Lovely Eggs and Floating Points would all be on my list to see if I was there.

Looking forward to BJM !

But what else has a bit of umph like that..... the big top with a bit of umph does it for me !!! 


While they’re not a band I particularly like to sit st home and listen to, Bo Ningen should deliver more than enough oomph in the big top to satisfy requirements.