So my customary scribbles are increasing on the Clashfinder print as I delve deeper into this years lineup.  The Pedro notation ranks acts 'must see', 'try to catch', 'indifferent/if doing nothing else' and 'completely uninspiring/don't want to be in earshot'.

Lets just say Friday is proving heavily weighted to the latter two categories.  Please tell me I'm unfairly dismissing something and need to revisit?

And the weekend as a whole looks pretty adaptable.  Which, from past experience, is often the best approach; don't be too rigid about where you need to be, when.

Would be interested to hear some of your 'must sees'.

Must have posted this somewhere else but my must-sees are, in no particular order:

Cate Le Bon

Charles Watson

Jane Weaver

Jim Ghedi

Kevin Morby

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Pictish Trail

Seamus Fogerty

Shannon Lay

Sweet Baboo (clashes with Jim Ghedi - noooooooo!!!!)


Eleanor Friedberger

The Lovely Eggs

The Surfing Magazines

9 Bach

Courtney Marie Andrews


Looks kinda similar to how its panning out for me Krasnyi.


The Lovely Eggs, Eleanor Friedberger, Beak>, Floating Points, King Gizzard


Sweet Baboo, Seamus Fogarty, Courtney Marie Andrews, Bo Ningen, Kelly Lee Owens, John Grant (and over to A Hawk and a Hacksaw if a clash), Fleet Foxes.


Follakzoid, Jane Weaver, Kevin Morby, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, bit of The Black Angels then Grizzly Bear, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tunng

The Sunday is undoubtebly looking the trickier to juggle.

Its the original Tuung line up and seeing as they only clash with WOD will probably be our last band of the weekend.Have tickets to see them again in October just in case clashfinder is not accurate and they clash with BJM.

Noticed Wye Oak album on quite a few best album lists this year so decided to check them out.

Not bad at all, if you like Liz Fraser/Natalie Mering with a few bleeps.

Thursday - everything

Friday - HMS Morris, Lovely Eggs, Omni, Wye Oak/Snail Mail, Insecure Men, Whyte Horses and down the front for King Gizzard

Saturday - Seazoo, Sorry, Boy Azooga, Buzzard, Teleman and stood at the back with a pancake for Fleet Foxes

Sunday - Spinning Coin, Jane Weaver, Rolling Blackouts CF, Lucy Dacus, Black Angels and taking stuff to the car listening to whatever is playing the loudest.

Can’t wait!

so, looking at a new band order line-up that GM just posted on FB

only change i've spotted so far is snail mail swapped with marlon williams on the friday

oh, and nathan fake on after SMD on sat night in the far out

and the cosmic array on before stella donnelly in the WG on sunday

I was already struggling on Friday with only Marlon Williams and King Tuff as definites---hope they do not clash with this change.

I update the clashfinder to reflect the changes, and find that I've swapped two clashes over, so no futher forward (Marlon Williams / Wye Oak; Snail Mail / Whyte Horses).  Worst clash by far is Kevin Morby / Rolling Blackouts. I've seen both of them a few times and both great live, but it has to be Kevin Morby as I've not seen him for a while.

which choice I woul dmake from each of the 3 clashes senor fifties had pointed out...


Not normally being one for electronic-pop I cant stop listening to Ider. I predict they could strike big (playing Walled Garden on the saturday)

Mainly to flag these up for first-timers but there are a couple of events that I look forward to each year, which it's not difficut to miss (I did) as they are on so 'early' in the day (around noon).


Friday 12.00 (?) - Pete Brown's annual lecture on 'Pairing beer and music' - he basically picks out 6 of his favourite bands from the weekend and 6 ales from the vast festival lineup that he thinks will go well together and tells a new joke while you sit and sip the samples and watch videos of the bands.  What's not to like?  Worth going just to watch the tremendous logistical exercise faced by the volunteers trying to serve samples of 6 beers to a tentful (about 700?) of greedy punters.  A lovely 'official' start to the festivities as you warm up again after Thursday's excesses.


Same place, same time, next day.  Pete Paphides and Bob Stanley's Music Quiz.  Always entertaining as well as quite challenging.  Has the Forum ever put a team together?


I'm always up for a spot of gin or rum-tasting as well, worth keeping an eye open for those, I reckon.


Anyone else have any suggested non-live-music-related activities?

I always enjoy the Pete Brown beer and band pairing too. A nice way to ease your way into the weekend. The pop quiz is always good too, and decidedly challenging. I usually try and get along to the Mojo interview too. Shame that Kevin Rowland pulled out at last minute few years back. This year I’ll hopefully be able to fit in Viv Albertine‘s talk too. I’d be quite happy to be honest if there are less bands I feel I have to see in order to spend a little more time in the Talking Shop tent. I’ve still not quite managed to find time to watch a film in the Cinema Tent mind. 

In all the years I've only even seen two short films but hoping to spend a bit more time there this year.

Anorac looks interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing Beast if it doesn't clash with anything more important.


I saw Viv's last appearance which was very interesting/entertaining although I wasn't sure about her choice of which passage to read from her first book, to a large family audience!  (She chose the section where she gave John Lydon a blowjob several weeks after his previous wash!)

the lead actress is awesome, forget her name.

I've always found it uncomfortable sitting on the floor watching a movie in the tent. Singalong with Wicker Man a few years back involved lots of movement - that was good.

I'm allergic to carrying chairs around, thats for old people. And wankers (excusing those with any sort of disability of course)

But my hips and back are old enough to make sitting on the floor not much fun. Bah humbug

maybe I could fashion one for next year from the remains of those I intend to rip to pieces over the weekend of August 16-20

i'm worried by such a strong reaction to something so banal

were you aasaulted by a chair in your callow youth?

chased from childhood idyls by a three-legged stool?

your innocent dreams cruelly haunted by a shooting stick?

Shhhh about Pete Brown! There will be none left for the rest of us! But being serious hes normally my favourite non-music act . But then I am a super-fan with all his books and would listen to him beer or no beer. 

I sometimes think I could spend the entire weekend in the Cinema tent, always something worth watching on Saturday at Casey & Ewens Crystal thingy. Spent an hour watching BFI cycling shorts a few years ago, great fun.

to flart about all day in a huddle of camping chairs?

Stand up, sit on a bench or on the floor like the rest of us. 

Off to the Isle of Wight? Altamont? Glasto back then? ooh hang on, mustn’t forget the foldy little lightweight millets potty.



you really are furious

what you need is a nice sit down

oh, no, wait...

Nice to see cunt reappearing on the forum though, eh Ray?

Thinking of emphatically using it in relation to pushchairs and gig talkers in a couple of weeks' time.

I'm off to the Cambridge Folk Festival this weekend Blancanvas, mainly to see Patti Smith, not been for about ten years. It is chair and rug central, rows and rows of them parked up for the weekend, although not inside the tents, would probably send you into a violent frenzy. Have a good weekend.

Adwaith was not a word association thing....more a recommendation/discovery from the line up....

the word to be associated with over the weekend is cunt