Recommend me some footwear

What does anyone recommend for comfortable waterproof footwear that can cope with anything GM can throw at us?

I've had good use out of some cheap and cheerful ones that look like wellies but with a fabric upper part. They're not particularly comfortable however, and I had intended getting something better this year but have left it rather late.

I see a lot of folk with walking boots but do they cope when the mud's a foot deep?

Any advice welcome ...


I'd never wear anything other than my walking boots. Make sure you get a good waterproof (mine are Goretex but other materials are available.... if you go to a good shop make clear how important waterproofing is) fabric pair and they'll be comfy and dry, as long as the mud's not coming over the top of them (I had fairly dry feet in 2008 when everything else was soaked through- so it would have to be pretty bad for them to leak!). Make sure they fit nicely with a good fluffy pair of socks underneath.

It'll set you back the best part of £100, mind.

always boots

i've been through the muddiest years - always in walking boots

a decent pair and your feet will never get wet

wellies make your feet sweat

one thing about boots though is that i don't know if i'd recommend buying now for this year's GM

not much time to break them in

though you'll not exactly be doing any challenging hiking

so probbaly fine as long as you have a good thick pair of socks

Thanks for the advice - if walking boots coped with 2008 then I'm reassured. 

I should have sorted this out earlier as I only have a couple of days between getting back from holidays and heading to GM, but I'll look for a pair that don't seem to need too much breaking in.

After all, I'm working on the principle that if I come ultra-prepared for the worst conditions, it WILL be flip-flop weather.


I'll keep an eye out for those Cyfartha.. walking boots for me, my ageing Meindl Borneos did me ok in the mud of 2012

You could do that tcashin.

But then your feet would be soaking wet/filthy and you'd look look really stupid!

You're from CANADA, for crying out loud - you must have SO much poor-weather footwear!


i do have such footwear but alas it remains in canada.. travelling through europe for one month with a single backpack i did not have room for footwear for every occasion. i would have to be quite a pessimist to pack such boots anyways. i hear the weather is going to be dry and sunny in wales for the full four days

shopping bags it shall be. or i cave and buy a pair in crickhowell