A plea!

If there's a band playing, and the people around you are clearly trying to listen, whynot be quiet and listen to the music too? You can chat with your friends afterwards and you'll avoid ruining the moment for someone who's trying to watch their favourite performer. That way everyone can have a good time and be happy.

"Quiet please - we're a live venue not a pub.  If you have come to chat to your pals when the bands are on you are in the wrong place.  Please leave".

Signs on the pillars of the late lamented Luminere club in Hackney  And it should be every festival and gig goers motto.

Totally agree. My enjoyment of Low Anthem 2 years ago was tempered by a young gentleman trying to very loudly chat up someone he had just met. 


Oh No!!  Managed to forget about that!  Sooooooooo annoying, even when you're standing near the front of the stage they still natter on!  Whole heartedly agree dr.nick!

I suspect you may be preaching to the converted on here dr.nick but it's a point worth making. I don't mind so much on the outer fringes of the croud but always struggle to understand why people go to the effort of getting up near the stage when they appear to have no interest whatsoever in the performance.


Totally agree but fear that everyone else here agrees. Slugger, we must have been near each other cos he ruined the Low Anthem for me too. W@@@@ER

I just hate it so much...I remember the last time I saw Sparklehorse play live, an ignorant bunch next to me blathering on and on throughout his quiet, intense and subsequently very poignant set...you don't get those moments back.