Hmmm...that's a tricky one really. The linked article in the guardian points out that there are only 400 breeding pairs of Curlews left in Wales - down 90% over the last 20 years, and the farm site appears to be a breeding ground for them. Although they won't be using the farm site strictly for Green Man, they are talking about events of up to 3000 people. That certainly seems enough to disturb the ground nesting birds, but I'm sure they'll be taking this into account, and planning any schedules around breeding times. The horse shoe bats are also an issue...Green Man however, seems to be one of the few festivals that seem to have a real commitment to the environment, sustainability and caring for the planet. I'm sure if they work with ecologists, they'll be able to work something out. Like she says "everything she does on the farm will put the environment at its core". It'll be difficul;t though. Also, this surprised me "officials had been working with the festival owner since 2019 to try to find a property as a permanent base to secure its future in Wales to stop it being bought out by a multinational company and taken out of the principality"!