Pitching tent in the rain

Sheesh - I thought the forecast was ok for Thursday.  If the rains come that day, we'll be doing the same.  With a few extra bodies, presumably you could create an "unbrella" with the fly sheet whilst you construct the inner sanctum underneath?  Or perhaps thats complete nonsense.

 Don't think it's possible to put up a tent in the rain without it getting a little damp inside. Try to avoid too much water gathering on the outside whilst the whole thing is on the floor - where it's in contact with other bites of the tent it will seep through even on the most waterproof of tents. Our monster takes about 45 minutes to get up so we'll be well soaked!

Cheers guys, im gonna try everything possible to get it dry as i can. Im a notorious bad camper and need a good start to get me through it.

NOOOO!!!!!! Thats rubbish news.

I don't believe that it's going to rain but in the event that it does you can keep the inside of your tent totally dry IF you have enough man power.

You need to have enough people to hold the outer part of the tent above their heads like a giant unbrella while you put down the ground sheet and construct the interior. I have done this several times and it works perfectly. The only problem is that people get a bit fidgety after they've been holding the tent up for a few minutes so you've got to be quick or they start to complain.

As I've only ever really camped at festivals so sod's law means I've camped in the rain a lot more than in the sunshine. As long as the outer part of your tent is pulled tight and held taught with the ropes and pegs and you have blankets on the floor to collect any moisture the tent will stay nice and dry all weeked. This is, of course, as long as you follow the golden rule of festival camping: NOTHING WET GOES IN THE TENT. Wellies, coats, clothes and anything else that gets drenched while you stand around in the mud drinking cider must stay in the porch. If this means you must get naked in a field then so be it.

Anyway this is all irrelevant because it's not going to rain.

As the others have said, it's not going to rain, but if it does one thing to do is make sure you get your guy ropes positioned properly to keep the outer part of the tent taut and angled so that the rain runs onto the ground. So many people get annoyed with guy ropes and think they're pointless, but they're pretty essential in poor weather as they don't just hold the tent down but they help the water run off the surface properly.

Also, if your porch is one where there is a gap between the floor and sides (ie not completely sealed together like inside the tent) then be careful how you store your things inside it (I learned that the hard the way last time).

We put ours up in the rain last year and it was absolutely fine.


The first large tent we had was an 'inner first' pitch - it should be illegal to sell these in the UK.

First time pitched in the rain there was two inches of water all over the floor of the inner that took hours to mop out.

I think Pie Minister has the right idea - wait 'till it stops. The only snag is that in the Beacons this could be three days later!