path through Glanusk Park

We are in the area on saturday and intend to walk up the permissive path through the Glanusk Estate. How much of the Green Man site can see from it? Looking forward to seeings what its like off-season and if we can make out where the stages and other areas are. 

The path is the main one through the festival site so you can see practically all of it. 

Coming from the A40 direction it takes you over the stone bridge, along by Talking Shop, Walled Garden, Einstein's Garden on the left, Far Out, Chai Wallahs area on the right, then through the Courtyard to the top of the Mountain Stage area.

Let us know how lush it's looking.


Update we went and followed the path through it. I was suprised as they dont appear to have started any preparations yet. Walking through it at the moment you would never know its a festival site. Shame this forum doesnt allow any pics or else I could show you.  

I think GMHQ normally relocates there in early August and the preparations start from then. It's amazing how quickly the crews can get everything in place for an event of this scale.


Walked through the estate last night and it looks very different, makes you realise how much work goes into setting the festival up, the Walled Garden looked about twice the size it does during GM