Nick Cave

The funeral of Jack Merritt, the young man murdered in London recently, took place in Cambridge today. He was a friend of my son who was at the funeral. One of Jack's friends messaged Cave on Instagram and said this is happening could you come along. He did and closed the service with Into My Arms, my son said it was incredibly emotional (obvs.) and the perfect end to an extraordinary service.

Not at all GM related as I don't suppose we'll ever see him there but what a man he is, I felt the need to share this

I'm emotional just thinking about what that must have been like.

Huge respect for Nick Cave having done it, can't have been an easy thing for him.

Im really sorry to hear that your son was more directly affected by that dreadful incident too. Jack sounded like a wonderful person and his father's dignified but forceful response to those trying to  profit from Jack's murder showed a strength of character that few would be capable of.

An impressive man, as was his son. After the funeral tea all his friends went off to a party they had organised at which Dave, the rapper performed, he knew Jack through his work. A fine celebration of a life cut short