new to greenman...and wondering..

I came Friday morning in 2009 and I got a great pitch. I wouldn't believe the weather reports too much yet though, they are changing by the hour.

Hi All,


this is our first GM too! (myself and my fiancée)... infact, it's only our 2nd ever festival (1st was isle of white last year)...


we're thinking of arriving aroun 10am/11am on the thursday.... is it likely to be rammed at that time with everyone trying to get in early? do we need to arrive before 10am to get in the queue?


to the OP: hope you dont mind me asking on here... it didn't seem worth a new thread.



 That time should be fine. I came that time last year and I had my pick of the pitches. You can also take your time putting up your tent(weather permitting that is).

ffs: no worries! makes sense.. if i could get there early on the thursday I would. be nice to set up, explore a bit before diving into pieminister, beer and bands!

unfortunatly i am stuck in work until the evening. boo.