More live in vehicle space!

Hi All

We have been going to GM for 5 years now and this is the first year we have been unable to get live in vehicle for our camper van.

Im have been disappoint with GM attitude regarding this issue and from reading other posts on the forum it looks like I not the only one.

I have a settler week ticket and will be travelling up in my camper van and GM's atitude tuff...there will be no more tickets.

It is not rocket science to open another field or part of could be allocated for more live in vehicle spaces, as the popularity of GM is increasing.

Your thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciatd and I will be passing them on to GM.





You don’t think it might be to do with the licence that Green Man has with Glanusk Park that places a limit on live in motor vehicles?  You don’t think it might be the Local Authority licence that has to ensure there are proper resources to cope with an emergency situation? You don’t think it might be a Local Highways restriction that wants to keep numbers of larger vehicles to a minimum on narrow roads? You don’t think it might be management of the fields to ensure if there is a significant deluge they can cope with getting all vehicles off site?. You don’t think that the surrounding fields are allocated to agriculture and it is unsuitable to have them contaminated by live in vehicle? You don’t think it is part of the G M business plan that more people can attend per acre if camping?

Just opening up a field might not be rocket science but there are heaps of regulations ensuring they are safe, including spacing between vehicles, access routes and emergency services.  

You asked for comments, Feel free to put all comments to the man.

Well said Mikey. The amount of whining and grousing about the camper vehicle tickets every year is absolutely embarrassing - for all the reasons you've mentioned they can't just 'make more space' for these vehicular monstrosities, yet on here and on the Facebook page the sense of entitlement goes into overdrive from the owners

It's a relatively luxurious option that's always going to be limited, if you're unlucky enough to miss out and it's the only option that you can countenance then I sympathise with you for missing out, but calling out GM's attitude on it because they won't make an exception for you, threatening to never come back, etc. is pathetic really

The festival does a great job every year getting thousands of people in and out of an unspoiled valley via the smallest road in the world, badgering them about stuff like this is just sour

IIRC the current live in vehicle field is rented from a neighbour for the duration. I don't know if that means all of Glanusk's space is being used or if it is due to other considerations like access, but either way, it does mean that simply opening another field is not the  solution it might appears to be. Even if there was another field to rent, there are clearly additional cost implications. 

Also, if the OP has been coming for the past 5 years, then the pressure on live in vehicle tickets can hardly come as a suprise. Remain attentive, and you will probably find one eventually.