I will me Missing in Action this year - for perhaps the best line-up they've had. This would have been our eleventh consecutive year (nothing compared to some I know) but we can't make it. I'm missing it badly already and am more than sad we won't be there. We first went in 2007. My wife had died in the summer of 2006 at just 43, leaving me with children 12 and 8. I had gone to a lot of festivals in the 80s but going to Green Man with two children was a bit of a leap in the dark; we were naive, badly equipped and it was a wet year. But we stuck it out; more than that we had a brilliant time. And we never stopped coming and we never stopped having a great time. Green Man became woven into our lives, perhaps the true highlight of the year, and surrounded by all kinds of traditions that made it special for us as a family. The first glimpse of the site always gave me a thrill. Sometimes there were friends there but this was something we did for us. Of course, our experience changed - last year, for the fist time, both children were old enough to go to the bar for me - and the last two years my American girlfriend (now wife) has come over to join in and we became partners in Green Man crime and mischief. It was a blast. Now I live in the US and this year we simply couldn't afford to fly back. Perhaps we'll make it again in the future; I certainly hope so. 

So, thanks Green Man for ten wonderful years and countless brilliant moments and experiences. It has meant the world to me. I shall be raising a glass to each and everyone of you next week. 


Great post Veuf.

I know my non-music loving friends just don't understand the appeal but for those of us lucky enough to experience the thrill ...

Your line "Green Man became woven into our lives" really rings true here. 

(Glad it's not just me!) 


Hopefully you'll make it back. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good wishes with us Veuf - we'll raise a glass to you too and know that you're with us in spirit.

I know exactly what you mean about the first glimpse of the site each year ... it's like coming home after a long absence. It will be even sweeter the next time you see it.


2007 was our first year too with kids then aged 3 and 18 months And yes, ut was a little on the wet side wasn't it.

maybe next year eh?

and there are some pretty good festivals over there!

Cheers Slugger, peridot and Krasnyi! Picking up the woven in metaphor I guess not going feels a little like being unstitched - painful. But here's to next year!

Great post Veuf, GM really does become an important element in family identity doesn't it?

Our first GM was to celebrate our daughter's recovery from cancer and we've been coming ever since. 

I find it also marks time, when I look back on photos of our years there I remember our circumstances in a particular year and how far we've come.

It's a shame you can't make it this time. ...but there's always next year!

Well, that was absolute rubbish and you missed nothing.

suggest you now go away and never read the forum again.  It will only be postings from people trying to make you feel bad by saying haw brilliant the weekend was And that  P J Harvey was mesmerising, Ryan Adams rocked it up  Kate Tempest outstanding, Hurray for the Riff Raff awesome, Angel Olsen incredible etc. etc. etc.

Have none of it

Hi first time poster, reasonably long time lurker.

Ending up (luckily) going to GM this year as I have a similar situation / "intertwinedness" with EOTR, gone every year but couldn't go this. I know there is plenty of good natured "mine is bigger than yours" between GM - EOTR, but having gone this time I can understand why you guys love it so much.

It was a truly wonderful festival, thank you for loaning it to me. Stunning scenery, stellar line up and just beautifully, lovingly put together. Cheers! Wxx