Meditation tent / area

Is there a meditation area that I could use during the festival?

Ooooooh, peridot. Now is THAT the true GM spirit, you cheeky thing...?!

Hopefully someone will be a little more helpful, gaenor...!


If there were to be anything along those lines, Gaenor, it is most likely to be in the Nature Nurture area. I suppose the fact that the festival is located in possibly the most beautiful spot in the British Isles and free access to the surrounding countryside, means that you are never too far away from a quiet spot, where you can lose yourself and find somewhere to meditate, away from the bustle of the festival.

...or what he says.
The cider/wine discipline works for me Cyfarthfa, tried, tested and perfected over many years of careful practice.

mrs rad swore every year that this was the year she was going to try gong therapy

is it still there?

i only bring this up as she's a daily meditator

but generally gives it a rest for the four days of GM

rayrad is that where you get shitfaced on strong cider and then listen to Gong until the unity of all nature is revealed to you and your true place in the cosmos is made clear?


which is why she hasn't fully committed yet