Looking for a blue car park ticket....

Hi folks

I made a grave error and accidentally bought only one ticket for the blue car park - and we have 2 cars, 2 big tents and 3 small children between us!

Is there anyone who would be willing to swap blue for orange, or anyone who has a blue car park ticket that they don't need? If we were all grown-ups I'd not be too bothered, but the thought of doing the walk - with gear and kids - is filling me with dread!

I don't have an orange car park ticket yet but will buy one if there is someone that can swap with me. Or if you just have one going spare you don't need PLEASE let me know and I will take it off your hands!

I'm also looking for an adult festival ticket for an extra member of our party, have signed up to Twickets but no joy yet....

Thank you if you can help! 

Sorry, not really helping, just to comment. 

When I bought early bird tickets there was only the option to buy the 1 car park ticket, which meant I had to go back through and purchase another car park ticket with booking fee etc.   



Thanks - at least I can console myself in the fact that I didn't forget to buy 2 tickets - I just forgot to go back and buy another one separately afterwards!

I've just listed a Blue car park ticket (as well as 2 4-day adult tickets) on Twicket. Just awaiting confirmation from Twicket. Bought for friends who are no longer coming. I believe you can always upgrade 4-day tickets to settlement on the door, but best to check with the festival organisers. EDIT all these tickets went inside an hour...


Apologies, just edited that post, Mrs.Smithers pointed out a fatal flaw in my travel plan, I might need it, will know in a week or two

I have a blue car park ticket for sale if you still need one. Face value obviously. There are two threads so the first to reply gets it.

UPDATE: SOLD (sorry)