live in vehicle area newbie questions


Ive bought a live in vehicle ticket and will be bringing our motorhome, I'd prefer to use our own bathroom facilities but can anyone tell meif there is a chemical toilet disposal area and how many fresh water taps are there? we have an onboard water tank and a fairly long hose, would we be able to park close enough to a tap to refill our tank?

How level is the field?

I live 40 miles away so planning an early start, is that a good move or will it be first in/last out on the Monday?

Any other useful tips gratefully received


Hi kaytutt, yes there is a chemical disposer, the field is very level also, there are plenty of taps from what I remember but we were marshalled to a pitch so you may not have a choice of being close to taps, you can't really park anywhere you want I suppose so they can make maximum use of space for the field.

Hope that helps, anything else just shout.


to add we went relatively early and marshalled on the outkirts by the river which is nice but it is longer from the arena and if the weather is bad like last year will take an eternity to get out. So i guess the later you go maybe an advantage.

Hi kaytutt, It's extremely unlikley that you'll be within a hose reach of the taps so I'd be sure to have a portable water container to top-up the tank. The taps tend to be in groups and across the other side of the service gap around the camping area. 

As Carnie says, the earlier you arrive the further from the entrance you'll be. Not a problem if the weather stays dry as gaps quickly appear on Monday and you'll have no problem getting out. If it's muddy you've further to go although, as the most difficult bit is around the entrance, that doesn't make a lot of difference anyway.

The advantage of getting there early is that you've lots of time to get set up and start soaking in the atmosphere before the Thursday evening events get underway. I certainly plan to be in the back row :)


Thanks Peridot. I'm trying to borrow an aqua roll to bring with us and we're going to fill the water tank before we get there (relatives live in crickhowell), a full tank should do us for a couple of days.

I'll probably be the first one there I'm that excited lol