Litter (and loos)

Maybe I've been looking through rosy spectacles, but did anyone else think there was a lot less litter this time. Especially in the campsite?

Still unacceptably too much, but less.

Well done organisers if there was something new being done- it worked.

I was amazed at how little litter there was overall. I know main stage area after headliners finished was a mess, but have to say litter pickers did a great job. Is deeply depressing at the end of the festival though to see how much rubbish we accumulate.

Am suprised no one has started thread re the loos- they are clearly more environment friendly, but needed more attention by about day 2 - long drop was becoming not very long drop. Lack of sawdust at times was bad. All credit to the loo crews though - not a nice job considering the state some people left loos in. They seemed a good humoured lot in the face of a crappy job. Heard one singing " never seen a poo like you before" - i bet he hadnt.

Also been expecting a loo discussion. It's weird being able to see other people's poos, but overall it didn't feel more or less clean than the old system. Think I'd like to see the composters back next time.

I'm slightly more bothered by how exposed and makeshift some of the urinals were though. Pleased they weren't the usual indoor portakabins, but hopefully in future they'll be a bit more sturdy in design. 

6 year old granddaughter overhearing us discuss 'long-drop' loos at the breakfast table, piped up to ask what a 'log-drop' was

much toast was spat out

Feel bad commenting as a man and not using the compost loos all the time but, I thought they were ok on the whole.  Couple of times there were some loos overfilled but they were cleaned and emptied quite regularly - perhaps some teething problems which were to be expected bearing in mind the first full introduction and a gap year.  Surely better than the chemicals necessary for portaloos and better than the original long drops which I guess just resulted in 'crap' leaching into the soil.

the urinals were just too slapdash (some had been hung up too high on one side, hard enough for me to use and thought unfair on any shorter than myself).  

The urinals were pretty bad - some didn't even have screens on (the one by the main stage even!!) - someone on e fests said they had more problems sorting out the loos than anything else and it did feel a bit like that! It really could've been worse though, apparently Beautiful Days were let down by their loo supplier at the last minute and had to beg steal and borrow from Boardmasters

Perhaps I was lucky but I didn't find the loos too bad.  (Or perhaps it's just in comparison to what they were like at Glastonbury when I first went 30 years ago).  I'm female so can't comment on the urinals, though they sound pretty bad!

Seeing as the urinals provided very littleprivacy, you Can still comment on what you may have inadvertently witnessed.

Haha, I'm happy to say that I didn't witness anything.  In fact I didn't even notice any urinals by the main stage - am beginning to think I walk round with my eyes closed.

i avoided the un-screened loos by little folk for as long as i could

but once, when the worse for acohol, and in desperate need, i bit the bullet

also in there were two lads finding it uproariously hilarious that they had let their trousers and underwear drop around their ankles while answering the call

several women had gathered outside to point

they were also laughing

though i don't think they were laughing in the same way...

Thought toilets could've been emptied and cleaned a little more often.

Dirty toilets during a pandemic didn't help ease my lurking covid anxiety 

Also that cold metal strip at the front of the box felt very disconcerting against the back of the legs as I attempted an unsupported "lady-hover"... it felt like piss... and sometimes it was!

Would be okay with them though if they were cleaned more often.

The lack of litter on site struck me also.  I was in family camping as usual, but wandered into Crickhowell along river a couple of days and general camping was strangely immaculate the whole weekend.  Usually it's a tip in there by Sunday.  Didn't know whether to be impressed or disappointed.  Am I just making this up, or were teenage only tickets not sold this year i.e. had to be accompanied by adult ticket and therefore no groups on their own?  There seemed a lack of tribes at night and might also explain the overall marked cleanliness.

As for toilets.  Fine really.  Would have helped the queues to ensure they were well stocked of loo roll especially the mornings (it's not really unexpected to have a surge that time of day, every day, is it?).  And the male urinals looked like a stiff breeze would bring the undrained troughs down on top of you.  But all part of the fun.  And what fun it was.

Teens (as in under 18) are expected to be accompanied by a named adult (Within reason).  All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult over 21. The person who books the under 18 tickets (the lead booker) must be over 21 and will have their name printed on the under 18 ticket. The lead booker must accompany the under 18 at the festival and will be asked for photo ID on entry. Maximum of four under 18s per adult

i am pretty sure there was a comment on this forum about a group of teens camping next to them, with parents nowhere to be seen and causing a nuisance.  Once this was raised with Green Man, security were very quick to act and ensured the teens were moved on, presumably to be with their respective parents.