Listening Pool

The second announcement has been made and my first thought - a lot of bands I know I'd probably like, but few I've actually listened to! And that's not a bad thing. Most of my favourite albums of last year were from bands discovered through the GM line-up.

The problem is, sometimes bands have dodgy albums that might put you off before you find the good stuff.

So please post recommendations from the line-up so far with the best 'introduction' album or EP from them.


For my part, I strongly recommend Viet Cong's earlier record, Cassette. Much better than the critically-rated newer album, I thought.

this is probably an uneccesary point

but if you're not familiar with television, make sure you listen to 'marquee moon' and not 'adventure'

the latter is perfectly fine

but does not even hint at the staggering magnificence of MM

For anyone unfamiliar with Strand of Oaks, his latest album "Heal" would not be typical of his previous offerings. Try "Pope Killdragon"  first.

Gorgeous stuff! 

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm enjoying White Fence. Bit of a slow burner for me but I like that.
I need a good entry album for The Fall. Their discography is long and terrifying. I also hear a lot of noise about The Wave Pictures but not sure where to start with them. Latest album first? 

Re Wave Pictures - probably start with latest as that's kind of what they're sounding like right now - more of David Tattersall's amzing guitar playing, harder edge stuff. Check out Beer in the Breakers, Long Black Cars and City Forgiveness too - all recent stuff.

With The Fall it's probably as well to just listen to the new album once it's released, and White Lightning. Despite owning a fair few Fall albums, I've generally failed to recognise much when it comes to live performance. Luckily it doesn't matter all that much on the whole as they've doggedly stuck to the same basic blueprint for nearly 40 years