Line up

Anyone any idea when we will hear anything. The festival is sold out so no reason to trickle it out. 

I'm pleased, there's loads of stuff for me on there. Which should give me more options with volunteer shifts than if that's just a few Must See items.

Will not be for everyone but Crows were excellent at Rockaway Beach last year.Reminds me of an ATP festival at Butlins Minehead which was Devo,Spiritualised and Iggy Pop as headliners.

I'm reasonably pleased with the announcement with plenty to investigate.

Bloody delighted with that - quite a number of acts I've enjoyed and not gotten around to seeing, plenty I've already seen and loved

Confidence Man for Saturday night dance act?

Goat are a stand out for me, should be great fun in the Far Out. I hear good things about Thus Love so will check them out beforehand too.

I saw Thus Love supporting Dry Cleaning last night and thought they'd be a good call for Green Man. I thought they were rather good. 

I saw Thus Love supporting Dry Cleaning last night and thought they'd be a good call for Green Man. I thought they were rather good. 

wedding present actually officially on the bill this year

does this mean that they will have to cancel last minute and be replaced by someone else?

That has my approval- plenty to look forward to there and quite a bit to discover. 

Just need to get round to finding a ticket (couldn't manage to be online when they were on sale and they were sold out by the time I went to get one).

Is there really a band called Cumgirls? Not even sure I can Google them at work. 

Nothing at the top of the bill to interest this old fart. 

Much better further down. Hope to have as much fun with Kanda Bongo Man as with Orchestra Baobab last year.

Spencer Cullum, Sister Wives, Melyn Melin, CMA, Gentle Good, Lady Maisery, Bug Club all good.

Presuming there will be additions. For one thing Johnny Pictish isn't there! 

DEVO!!. Fantastic. THe kids grew up thinking they were imaginary...they can't get there heads around the fact they're going to see them live. Lots of smiling faces.

surprised not to see panda bear & sonic boom on that list

maybe jason spaceman has a clause in his contract that denies simultaneous access to pete kember...

Ha ha i did think, i thought Panda Bear and Sonic Boom were a shoe in, probably just wishful thinking on my part, but overall i'm pleasantly happy today, plenty of stuff to go at.

.... one diamond - Sarah Jarosz, a phenomenal musician not to be missed.

Pleased to see Devo on the list. They were great at Primavera a few years back, and I'm delighted to get one last chance to see them again. 

My Green Man days are behind me but if I was going I'd be seriously excited by that line up and already be sweating about clashes.

I've gotta say I'm made up with the line up. Some big hitters for me: Goat, Amyl and The Sniffers, Spiritualized, Devo, The Walkmen, Special Interest, Les Savy Fav etc etc... and as ever, so many acts who I'm aware of but maybe haven't massively delved into, but loads of artists I've outright never heard of. This is what I love about Green Man. I've made a playlist here on Deezer (everyone uses Deezer right?), with 98% of the artists, and having had a listen through, there is so much great stuff there!