Line-up Question.

Oh I definately plan on catching as much unknown stuff as possible. That's just part of the fun! But there are certains acts I definately don't want to miss.

 And Cate le Bon and Euros Childs. Not to mention King Creosote and James Yorkston (both of whom may be otherwise engaged in Fence's Haarfest)

Hope that's not the final listings - right now it's a clashfest.

Friday - Robin Ince & Fuck Buttons

Saturday - Flaming Lips & Neon Indian

Sunday - Joanna Newsom & Bear in Heaven & Josie Long! 

To be expected I guess. Do the headliners on each stage start at roughly the same time (first timer question)?

No, I seem to remember the main stage & far out tent being a bit staggered last half an hour or something?

Don't know about the comedy - anyone know what time that finishes normally? Cause I'm just thinking it's possible it could go on til later than the music, as it's a lot less noisy, & therefore possibly avoid clashes.

I say don't worry about it too much yet. Wait until you have the set times in your hands. Plus the main stage & far out tent/pub stage are close enough that you can do a bit of both, or all 3, if you really have to.

Erm, yeah...if not beforehand on here, then definitely at the festival there will be programs available with set times & info on all the acts.

Just remember that even the printed set times won't always correspond to what actually happens. Festival sets tend to be somewhat elastic. & at some point you probably will have to sacrifice one act for another, if you want to catch the whole set...but that's part of the fun right?!