legion are the reasons to love mark kozelek

not content with calling his talkative audience 'fucking hillbillies' in north carolina a couple of weeks ago

earlier this week, at a festival in ottowa, he described the war on drugs (playing on a nearby stage) as 'beer commercial, lead guitar shit'

going on to introduce the next song as 'the war on drugs can suck my fucking dick'

i realise that this may upset some people

not least those resident in north carolina or currently in the war on drugs

but it just makes me love him a little more every day

Thread revival! Not working as it turned out so tickets bought some time ago - woohoo. Been listening to the new Jesu/SKM album, fantastic to my ears, also got Admiral Fell Promises for christmas. also great. Too soon to have him back?

It's just such an obvious one for him to cover.

Amazed it took so long.

I'm pretty confident that 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' will get an airing on the next tour.