legion are the reasons to love mark kozelek

not content with calling his talkative audience 'fucking hillbillies' in north carolina a couple of weeks ago

earlier this week, at a festival in ottowa, he described the war on drugs (playing on a nearby stage) as 'beer commercial, lead guitar shit'

going on to introduce the next song as 'the war on drugs can suck my fucking dick'

i realise that this may upset some people

not least those resident in north carolina or currently in the war on drugs

but it just makes me love him a little more every day

(Sings) "Lead guitar shit....lead guitar shit"

I love him, but he can create a tension between himself and his audience.

I had never seen him live before GM this year but I'd read about his onstage demeanour, so I expected a more negative performance than he actually delivered - I thought he was relatively well behaved, but the tension was still there.

I don't mind a bit of tension between audience and performer and I rather like Mr Kozelek's brand of humour. 

I just hope he continues to get out alive!


Funny really. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself when stood four rows from the front watching the War on Drugs on the Mountain Stage this year....

Funny really. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself when stood four rows from the front watching the War on Drugs on the Mountain Stage this year....

it's on SKM's website, so it's real

he supposedly wanted the WOD to invite him to perform it with them at their san francisco show last night

but they decided against it...

That's pretty funny to be fair.  Like someone mentioned before, I think he has delusions of grandeur about himself.

I thought his last release Benji in parts was really boring and uninspiring, but each to their own.  Still a dick though.

i'll be there too - with mrs rad's youngest in tow

and those of you who haven't gone out and bought the 'MK sings christmas carols' record should do so immediately

it is a thing of restrained beauty

and i shall be alternating between it, bob's 'christmas in the heart' and tony bennett's 'snowfall' for the remainder of the year

or the remaindeer of the year - as i've suddenly realised i can be calling it

i seem to remember Sam Cam also giving First Aid Kit a big up (in the spirit of cringe) several years ago.  i've struggled to let myself enjoy the Soderberg sisters since

Oh dear, the final nail in The War on Drugs' coffin I reckon....there's really nowhere to go from this.

What a tool indeed.

No sign of Cameron, thankfully. Interesting gig, brilliant at times. Could have done with a little less whingeing about the press. Quite different versions of Benji songs than performed at GM, fantastic rendition of Dogs, new stuff is quite different, and at times baffling. Booked for Suicide in July while I was there

At the risk of bringing down the wrath of the forum on my head I really don't get him. My local record shop (one of the few left standing - Polar Bear in Kings Heath*) was playing his new album the other day and pretty much cleared the shop.

* Kings Heath identified in the Guardian's 'Let's to move to' magazine section as 'the promised land': http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/may/15/lets-move-to-kings-heath-bi...

- mentions the Hare & Hounds, Birmingham's best live music venue, just a few minute's walk from my front door but no mention of the aforementioned Polar Bear, or the cosy Cherry Reds cafe (where the music is like a Green Man playlist), Byzantium, the North African/Spanish tapas cafe, the Kitchen Garden cafe (where I've seen Trembling Bells and Alasdair Roberts recently) or the old fashioned sweet and retro kids' shop or the brilliant Bangladeshi restaurant, Syllhet Spice. I am the Kings Heath ambassador.

Steve in Polar Bear is great, sometimes he'll chat for ages and others it's like he really can't be bothered dealing with the public. He's often told me he's not a fan of vinyl and only sold the new releases but now he has stacks of it for sale!

Steve is a legend. Can out-grump anyone on his day. One of my favourite Steve moments was when he proudly showed my his vast collection of ECM albums. 'Best collection in any record shop', says he, 'much demand for them?' I reply . . . 'god no' he responds. Top guy is Steve.

that was a couple (plus) of the best hours of my gig-going life

high tension, humour and top-end banter

and that was just between the songs

fuck, that band were good too, eh?

kras, you're bonkers

The band were indeed great ray. I loved the vocals from the guitarist and the spectacular (and very subtle at times) drumming. Will pick up the new cd and persevere, not keen on Possum at the moment but really liked the last two new ones he did. Booked ticket for Suicide at the Barbican in July when I got home

yes - i'm going to that suicide show too!

'special guests' are promised

i wonder who...

i'll soon be able to offer you the chance to re-listen to last night's SKM show too

if you're interested, send me a PM on the unofficial GM site (http://greenmanfest.proboards.com/) and i can sort you out

Loved the Barbican performance too, and really getting into the new album.

Clearly a distinct lack of taste in the Kings Heath area.

For what it's worth, listened to the new record last night. Just thought it was OK. Certainly nowhere near as good as Benji. But that is an exceptional record by any standard.