Late additiond to line-up

there appear to be 2 empty slots on each of the MountainStage and Far Out for Sunday.

Am I wrong or is this unusual?

we're assuming that the clashfinder is correct

if so, yes, it's unusual

but maybe some acts are just playing longer sets

On the GM site the line-up lists for Sunday Mountan and far Out have fewer acts on than they do on Friday and Saturday, or inded every other year. So acts playing longer would be a radical change

I for one woud be very happy to se The Wedding Present as a last minute addition!

Sunday is usually a little shorter- things finish an hour earlier, for example. But that's still not as many acts as usual.

Personally I think festivals should be more flexible with set length.  Maybe I have a short attention span, but 45 minutes is too long for most new bands, and I'd rather see more time given to acts with a big back catalogue to choose from. 

I wouldn't assume clashfinder is that accurate, but there are definitely fewer acts than in previous years. It's not unusual for an announcement the week before, is it?

And then somebody will be replaced by the Wedding Present.

Maybe you're right. Have checked through old emails and can't see any significant announcements coming this late.

Still hoping Handsome Family will get announced,it will be disappointing with them touring the UK in August and September and not playing GM or EOTR.

We know that Natalie Bergman is being replaced as she has pulled out.  Think there will be a very small number of additional acts as well.  Sunday seems sparse at the moment on MS and FO.  We're due one additional act on MS and two on FO based on previous years.

Imarhan + Gruff Rhys seems likely as they have announced a show over GM weekend.