large 8 man kalahari tent pitch

Hi Im getting worried about finding a pitch for our large 8 man kalahai tent - arriving thursday morning, Anyone have any advice? will there be space for large tents in the family field?

Hi, I'm well known on here for bringing a monster tent each year (known to some as the Kremlin). Thursday morning you'll have no problem at all I assure you, there's plenty of room. No Kremlin this year as only me and wee girl coming so yours might win monster tent of the festival award! 

Hmm yes, thanks Carnie...I now realise how dreadful that statement looks on the page...

...and me being a "Lady of a Certain Age" - oh dear!

As an aside, I fitted the new sound system to the camper last weekend.

Y'er all invited around to listen to some Rush or U2.

Although you'll probably hear it from wherever you are ... it goes LOUD!

Just the thing to drown out any pathetically amateur guitar strummers, banjo pickers, accordion squeezers, or bongo bangers within a 10-tent radius.

Treefight's version of Wuthering Heights would sound just dandy on that peridot.

Walter - rid of this godforsaken bloody spam spam spam spam spam spam . . .

Arrgh ... just when I'd almost completely expunged the horrific memory of that abomination from my mind, you bring it all flooding back :-(