infant ticket needed HELP!

tickets arrived today but no infant ticket.

I don't know how but i've screwed up and can't go without my 4 year old. ALL HIS MATES WILL BE THERE! 

can anyone help?


Seeing as infants under 5 are ‘free’ would they really be sold out? Have you tried contacting green man admin to ask if they would grant an extra ticket?

they will separate you at the gate though

and put your kid in a tent in a walmart in an unidentified location

and then forget where they put him

Wish I knew what film it was but my mother’s favourite line was ’ they do have electric chairs for children, pink for a girl and blue for a boy...”

I've just bought a 'bundle' of tickets through Twickets which suited our collective purposes and has also left me with an unwanted infant's ticket so if anyone still needs one, or gives birth in the next couple of weeks and doesn't want to miss GM, or is even facing the possibility of 'doing a Woodstock' and giving birth on-site and then being separated from your newborn by an over-officious steward, let me know.