Huge thanks to all of the stewards and first aiders

We had a very tough start to our GM this year. Mrs Oapdub ruined her ankle as we were carrying bags to the wristband exchange - eventually we spent most of Friday in A&E at Nevill Hall hospital before getting back up to speed on the Saturday.

It was a problem to say the least, and Sara had to take time out at our tent on a few occasions, but I wanted to say thanks (I'm assuming that GM staff are on here occasionally) to all the stewards and first aiders who helped us over the weekend. Without exception they couldn't have been more helpful and we are hugely grateful for the time they took to help us.

On the flip side, as a shorty she usually gets to watch the back of people's heads for most headline sets, but the view she had from the viewing area for the War on Drugs was the best she has had in ages!

Sorry to hear that Oap ... horrible start to the festival. Fair play to you both for battling through nonetheless.

From everything I've heard over the years, the festival is probably the best place to be if you fall ill or sustain an injury, there's been nothing but praise for the care provided.

The stewards are always great too. Massive respect for them, particurally on those night shifts.