How was it for you?

Keeping things separate from the Top 5 thread I thought I'd start a sort of persoanl review thread - so here goes . . .


Settlers - what a blast and a superb opening night in the Hurly Burly with David Ian Roberts, Toby Hay and Gareth Bonello

Bumping into Johnny Pictish a couple of times and getting big hugs and my (green) beard stroked.

Spending time with lovely people - you know who you are

Bumping into old friends, new friends and random acquaintances throughout the weekend.

Having Roadrunner dedicated to me by David Tattersall (the t-shirt choice was well made)

Friendly and efficient bar staff - they deserved all the tips they got from me

Clean loos - didn't encounter a messy one all weekend.

The Goan fish curry - never disaappoints

The Community Cafe and the Dragon Deli - great food at budget prices and all for a good cause

Excellent camera work on the Mountain Stage and Far Out - congratulations cyfarthfa!

Slight gripes:
Fecking chairs everywhere!

Too packed around Far Out particularly on Thursday evening - maybe time for a rethink for the Thursday - maybe open up the Walled Garden?

The one bloke (all weekend!) who I saw queue-jumping at the bar (we all thought you were an arsehole mate)

Er, that's it . . . .

The Music:


International Teachers of Pop: good fun, even enjopyed their version of Another Brick in the Wall

Ed Dowie: caught the second half of his set and was immediately charmed - one to check out - loved his biscuit eating contribution to Seamus Fogarty's set on saturday too

Bas Jan: less said the better

Pictish Trail - brilliant obviously and so professional and slick - two words I thought I'd never say about Johnny


HMS Morris: great start to the day - another one to check out more

J Bernardt: I'd wanted to see the Lovely Eggs but my lad wanted to see JB and none of his mates were going so I went along - inspired choice boy, a powerful set and JB quite a charismatic performer

Eleanor Friedberger: a tad disappointing, her most recent album doesn't do it for me as much as the previous ones and without a band the songs struggled to really stand up, she was lost on the main stage

Ari Roar - rather sweet but again really needed the full band and maybe the odd song that lasts more than two minutes - really enjoyed the set though

Wye Oak: first real belter of the weekend, was expecting something more folky and restrained but was blown away by them - uplifting stuff.

Didn't see much else on Friday due to tired child


Jim Ghedi: despite the fact that I never miss Sweet Baboo I went for Jim because his album's one of the best things I've heard this year and Toby Hay was playing in his band too - utterly phenomenal performance, mesmerising soundscapes, Banks of Mulroy Bay just about had me in tears

Seamus Fogarty: many thanks to slugger and others for recommending Seamus - got his latest album and loved it  - as soon as I saw Emma Smith was in his band (she's played with James Yorkston, Pictish Trail, Meilyr Jones) I knew it would be great. Didn't realise they were a couple  - loved it when Seamus referred to them having their first child six weeks ago - 'ten weeks, Seamus, ten weeks,' replied Emma. Great songs, lots of humour - fecking awesome!

Shannon Lay - utterly charming perfect sunny afternoon in the Walled Garden music

Courtney Marie Andrews: WOW! Possibly the overall highlight of the weekend.

Girl Ray: daughter passed on a message that GR were stepping in for Kelly Lee Owens - of joy, i bloody love Girl Ray. Despite only finding out they were playing a couple of hours previously (they were at the festival anyway) and despite not having practiced in weeks and despite not having their own instruments (they borrowed Boy Azooga's) they were wonderful and getting better each time I see them

Teleman: stayed in the FO rather than venture down to see Cate le Bon - danced throughoput the brilliant, brilliant set and was congratulated by those around me for my vigour and shape-throwing. Life affirming if also knackering

Hawk and a Hacksaw - caught half of their set before retiring to tent with boy - intriguing stuff but rather odd time to be playing it?


Lost Horizons: stumbled upon rather than searched out - pleasant enough with some great vocals

Haley Heynderickx: Liked this a lot more than I thought I would - but she might have been advised not to experiment with the 12 string?

Charles Watson: so looking forward to this, his album's probably my favourite of the year so far - not disappointed at all - great band, great songs, great set. Shame there weren't more around to see it.

Kevin Morby: another belter, enjoyed the newer stuff much more live than I thought I would.

Frankie Cosmos: OK but I was flagging a bit by this time and saving my energy for . .

Surfing Magazines: consumate musicians playing with joy and abandon, utterly, utterly wonderful and just when it can't get any better they play Roadrunner for me - fucking hell!

Tunng: After that it was always going to be after the Lord Mayor's show but caught have of their set before setting off for a good spec for the burning - htey sound like a band back on form.


I probably say this every year but . . . this was the best one ever (and I've come every year since 2007) and certainly the driest.

I did hear a rumour that one or two of the big festival companies are sniffing around - please keep it independent Fiona!

Popped into my local record shop this morning (Left for Dead in Shrewsbury) and bumped into a guy who played sax with Boy Azooga on Saturday - small world innit?




saw haley heynderickx again last night in london

and it was like she'd spent the ENTIRE time since GM playing that 12 string

a different experience entirely

i thought she was great in the walled garden - but didn't like the 12 string acoustic instead of the electric at all

she completely changed my mind last night - i hope she always plays it from now on

she talked about GM a lot and was, rather charmingly, still wearing her wristband

she did mention that she'd hoped to find a tent to sleep in - but ended up (having flown in from portland that morning) sleeping in her car, clutching the keys to her chest

so any problems with that giant guild may have been down to exhaustion and worry!


She clearly wasn't relaxed, which was hardly surprising, but I thought she gave a fantastic performance.

I was on two minds whether to see her again at EOTR but it sounds like I should.

Awful that she had to sleep in her car afterwards though. I would have thought the organisers coud have sorted out something for her, perhaps she didn't like to ask.

I even had a spare campervan she could have had (used it to tow the folding camper)

yeah - and we had a spare (posh) tent as two of our party had to set off back to scotland midday sunday

she could have had her pick of comfy resting places!

I saw her in Rough Trade too, and she did say something about feeling during her set in Walled Garden that the crowd seemed a little hostile, but afterwards realised it was just because we were squinting in the bright sunlight. I’m not quite sure how the two might get confused, but she was far more relaxed in there safe in the knowledge we’re generally quite friendly really. 

She was wonderful and charming at the other place too, played a much better set to a more attentive audience.

A highlight for me.

Settlers - Nice to bump into Elizabeth and family in the box office on arrival, also Krasnyi later in the day. There with friends this year so mostly mooching around, swam in the Usk at Llangynidr, beautiful.

Thursday - International Teachers of Pop, excellent start, not too serious, quality dancing. Off to Forum meet very briefly, had to dash elsewhere but nice to see Peridot and BITF again. Pictish Trail, superb set, very polished. Saw a bit of Bas Jan, not for me. Back to tent.

Friday - Lovely Eggs, great fun start to the day. Duds next, their jazz style noodlings drove me away after 30 mns. Over to garden to see Ari Roar, really enjoyed them, had a chat with them afterwards, nice people. Marlon Williams, what a start! Finish was also very impressive, handled the fall very gracefully :) Sorry that Insecure Men cancelled, had been looking forward to them, back to tent for restorative tea then back to garden for Snail Mail, not really doing it for me so off to Far Out for Whyte Horses, ok. Back to garden for a bit of Suzanne Sundfor, lovely voice but...Feeling a tad despondent having seen nothing that really grabbed me since Lovely Eggs, despondency dispelled by Black Midi, cracking set, best of the day. Met my wife to watch KGATLW,not really my thing, 45mns enough for me. Stayed out in an attempt to stay awake for HMLTD, ok but without the sense of chaos or it all going terribly wrong that their last visit had, too polished.

Saturday - Sweet Baboo, lovely as always. Seamus Fogerty, really excellent, enjoyed the songs, banter and dancing, good to see Johnny Pictish dancing in the crowd, failed to get a hug this year. Islet in Cinema tent, I love Islet, always exciting and unpredictable. Baxter Dury, lasted 10 mns. Goat Girl in the garden, good fun, obviously all enjoying themselves, not sure I'd go to see them again but enjoyed it. Back to tent for a while, listened to John Grant there, sounded great. Over to garden to catch a bit of Hawk and a Hacksaw, interesting but better afternoon perhaps. Then off to Rising to see Phobophobes, not bad but without the excitement of Black Midi. Had intended to see Snapped Ankles but tiredness got the better of me. Back to tent to listen to Fleet Foxes and sip some whisky whlie dozing off.

Sunday - Caught the end of Cosmic Array in garden, not bad but there to see the next act, Stella Donnelly, simply stunning, beautiful voice, songs with passion and wiit, great chat and charming, set of the weekend and very nice to have a brief chat with ray_rad. Over to main to see Xylouris White, fantastic, extraordinary drummimg and virtuoso Lute playing, although I didn't have a clue what he was singing about his voice is beautiful. Caught half of Follakzoid, most odd, singer didn't appear to do much apart from miming hanging himself with his guitar, good sounds though. Half of Jane Weaver, very nice the back to main for Kevin Morby, really enjoyed his set. Back to tent for a while, listened to Anna Calvi there, not my thing but finished with Ghost Riders by Suicide. Sat on the bank to watch half of Grizzly Bear then off to Far Out for Black Angels, great set, really enjoyed them, back to bank to meet wife and friends to watch a bit of War on Drugs, it's just one song played at a different tempo isn't it? Off to get pizza and back to tent to eat with our last bottle of wine while watching the fireworks, lovely.

Another fine weekend, despite lowish expectations I think Sunday was one of my favourite ever days at GM

The chair/trolley/blanket issue seems to have shifted elsewhere now, good that people seem to have heeded the calls to not use in the tent or in front of main it just seems to have made the problem worse elsewhere as others have said.

Seemed to be very little queuing at the bars at any time of day. Great food at the Brownie stall, Bearded Taco, superb espresso at the coffee stalls. Monday morning breakfast at Cwmdu Comminty stall was very welcome before packing up.

Roll on next year

My 10th greenman and the best. The music was brilliant but the weather was better. Being able to sit or lie on the grass at any time and not freeze in the evenings made this a really perfect summer festival.Greenman has never looked so summery with scorched grass and dusty paths. 

There were so many music highlights ranging from sweet baboo at 12 midday to snapped ankles at 2am but spending time with family and friends and taking in the circus and other fringe stuff like Einstein gargen was a joy. The late night stuff was great too and we had a ball jumping about in chai wallah.

Not a cross word heard all weekend, lovely people everywhere as usual. Can't wait for next year, best festival and getting better.

This would seem a good place to put this... each year me and my mates try to sum up each band with a 5 word/5 point score. Here's mine for this year

I'd like to add that A) as it's normally for a closed audience some of the harshness is borne of humour rather than genuine dislike (nothing was genuinely bad in the slightest) and B) my scores and feelings are heavily influenced by whatever I was heavily under the influence of at the time. Also I lost my phone at one point and went through various periods of h-anger which might have unfairly affected some otherwise decent bands

Special non-band mentions go to:

- the numerous and delicious and easy to acquire beers
- the CND lock-up/lost property chaps who efficiently and politely dealt with my multiple visits to see if my phone had been returned
- whichever godly hero of the ages returned my phone to them after finding it god knows where. Sir/madam if you identify yourself I'll buy all your drinks next year
- all the late-night/DJ/Chai Wallah/Around the Twist stuff that isn't really worth rating in the way below but was pretty much all well-chosen and enjoyable

Bas Jan - love them, venue sadly overwhelms 2.5/5
Public Service Broadcasting - stirring, danceable, shamelessly stolen nostalgia 4/5

HMS Morris - engaging crafty pop. Mad falsettos 4/5
Wye Oak - I dub them Wye O.K 2.5/5
The Lemon Twigs - smartypants Queen wannabes guiltily enjoyable 4/5
Susanne Sundfor - WHERE WERE THE BANGERS SUSAN :( 1/5
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - blistering post-apocalyptic psychedelic riffage 4/5
Mount Kimbie - laser noises doesn't equal exciting 2/5

Jim Ghedi - Blissful, ancient tones sooth hangovers 4/5
Seamus Fogarty - likeable set features Bourbon ode  4/5
Boy Azooga - overhyped indie-lads. Seem nice 3/5
Bo Ningen - facemeltingly good. Absolutely killed it 5/5
Teleman - highly recommended infectious motorik pop 4.5/5
Teenage Fanclub - cult band apparently but why? 2.5/5
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - abrasive fiddling was not welcome 2/5
Fleet Foxes - made for the mountainous backdrop 3.5/5
Simian Mobile Disco w/ Deep Throat Choir - choral acrobatics marry fat beats - 3.5/5

Stella Donnelly - velvety music for iron-y wit 4.5/5
Curtis Harding - competent meat and potatoes RnB 3/5
Jane Weaver - set your synth to 'ethereal' 4/5
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Thin Lizzy guitaring briefly entertaining 2/5
Anna Calvi - strutting brooding badass guitar heroics 4.5/5
Grizzly Bear - alright. One really good song 3.5/5
The Black Angels - annihilatingly brilliant and ballsy psychedelia 4.5/5
Brian Jonestown Massacre - sounded good, didn't pay attention 3/5
The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble - Riverdance = beyond my physical limits 4/5

though i disagree with much of what you’ve said, i applaud your system

brief, pithy, done inna jiffy

(and yes, i’m cheating)


Absolutely brilliant! Hearing Head/on Pill from KG&LW and Everything Flows by Teenage Fanclub were my musical highlights. 

Non musical highlights we're definitely the brownie stand, the dosa stand and when my friend bought me the Snail Mail CD for my birthday (which was over the weekend) and managed to get it signed by Lyndsey in the Rough Trade tent.

Only negative was that I was so bereft of energy by the Sunday afternoon that I didn't make it to The Wedding Present or The Black Angels. 

New member. First post. 

First GM and best so far!!!!! LOL. 

Went with my youngest girl and so ended up hogging the main stage more that I would have liked as her energy and desire to dance is less than mine. But also got her to the barriers for a great act each day.

Sitting in those terraces with the big screens made everything SO EASY.

Barrier (and therefore best) sets were PSB, Joan the cop and John Grant. My third time seeing PSB and JG and both shone better than ever. John was my favourite as he is the greatest mother fucker in the whole wide world (Can I say that here?).

I LOVED King Gizzards and Baxter Dury and Lemon Twigs and Sweet Baboo and Cate le Bon and Anna Calvi.

I LIkED Squid and Hiphopapotamass and Whyte Horses and most the the others I saw were a bit meh. 

Could have done with more diversity on the main stage. By Sunday I was getting bored. Having said that I did enjoy the Lute and drummer combo (name escapes me). 

Big shout out to the Seagul Project in the kids field for the most entertainment as we saw two kids telling jokes on stage workshops. Very funny host. Also playing with the smoky bubbles in the top field was a blast. 

The quiet camping was great for us and we had lovely neighbours all round. Bogs and food etc all good but why all Chemical loos FFS?  It’s not Green having chemical loos. And no female urinals.  Catch up Folks.

Didn’t have a problem with overcrowding as we always managed to squeeze to where I wanted to be before a band was on. 

Also that’s the first time I’ve used a festival cinema and definitely a great way to spend time with my daughter watchiJG Paddingting 2gether.

Also likes the GM FM and managed to listen all the time in the tent. We also got a shout out which amazed my girl. This was the biggest festival she’s been to and she took it all in her stride.

Already planning next years festivals and I expect I’ll purchase early bird tix when the come out As selling them on if I can’t go does not look like a problem each year.

Like I said my daughter being present made me taylor our plans away from my first choices of music, but the 4 days camping together with so much quality to see was the main aim for this year.  Hopefully I will bring her a mate next year so I can effectively bugger off and bimble alone more.

Lizzie xx

Another first timer here.  I thought it was simply wonderful (and that's quite something considering only a week before the festival I was thinking of putting my ticket on Twickets as I was unsure about spending the whole festival on my own).

Things I liked about Green Man - it was so friendly (probably the friendliest festival I've been to), both the site and the toilets were amazingly clean, I loved the whole atmosphere/vibe/ethos, and it felt such a safe place to be.  I also loved how easy it was to get to the front of the crowd, and even on the barrier, for some of my favourite bands.  Oh, and the weather, of course - just perfect.

Musically, my two favourites were the Lemon Twigs and the Wedding Present.  I also enjoyed Teenage Fanclub, Teleman and John Grant (although the big disappointment of the weekend was that most of his set clashed with Teenage Fanclub).  I was impressed by Whyte Horses, Will Varley, Marlon Williams and Seazoo, although I only caught part of their sets.  I missed Boy Azooga but they sounded great as I was rushing past.  I spent a fair bit of time in the Talking Shop, getting a lump in my throat during the Owen Sheers talk.  Really enjoyed the interviews with Viv Albertine and John Grant too.

The only bad things I can think of are that I somehow never got round to having a chocolate brownie or dosa, and that the queue for the John Grant signing was so long I decided not to join it.  (Probably a bonus for JG, though, as he'd have had an over-emotional woman telling him how much his music meant to her and asking for a hug!)  Oh, and I started to flag a bit in the evenings and was just too tired to enjoy some performers I'd been looking forward to, such as Susanne Sundfor.

I've never got an early bird ticket for any festival before, as festivals have always been largely about the line-up for me.  But I'm seriously considering getting one for Green Man as there's something so special about the festival itself.  Almost a week later and the glow's only just starting to wear off ... thank you, Green Man.

Green Man is an extraordinary place.

Our 9th this year and although it didn't really deliver musically for me, the GM worked it's magic. 

It has become an incredibly emotional and important part of our family's life.

I've watched my youngest two grow from tiny children into amazing young adults over the years at Glanusk, developing their own GM friendship group and forming musical tastes.

Some of the people I've met have become really good mates and my musical tastes have been enriched by the bands I've seen and by recommendations on here.

Our annual week at the Settlement and festival is the highlight of our year.

Long may it remain thus, hopefully without growing any bigger, it was a bit overcrowded I thought this year.



memo to Fiona:

don't increase the capacity further

stay independent 

it's bloody perfect as it is

and although it did seem busier this year I was able to get pretty much right tongue front for every act I really wanted to see

like Elizabeth Green Man is a huge part of my life, can't imagine it not being there

Said my fried Neal when I met up for a drink with him early Thursday evening in the live-in field.

I have been coming with my wife and/or friends since 2010 and it has become the highlight of my year. That feeling of wellbeing, excitement and happiness sitting outside the van on Thursday with the first drink is impossible to replicate

I saw more music this year than 'usual' and really enjoyed the majority of what I experienced. the dry wetaher helped spend longer mooching about and lying around. 

One thing that struck me clearly was the nunber of unnattachd older people. Was I alone in feeling a higher % than usual of 50 sometihng - and above - couples and groups? Was there anyting in the lineup that attracted an older demographic? I'm 52 myself, so am not complaining, but weirdly felt  and, to the annoyance of my mates kept pointing out, lots of old people like us...

Unusually my misanthropic nature was kept well under wraps too. I'm usually grumbling and upset by 'people' by Friday. Blame it on the good weather this year but I found very little to get agitated and angry about. No fucking contrapitions to fall over in the far out tent helped. Although the group of girls jabbering away next to me during the BJM set needed to stfu...

Anyhow, here's to next year. I've posted on here for the last 6 or 7 years I think - in different guises (lost passwords, changed usernames, that sort of thing). Maybe one year I'll muster the courage to say hello at the meet up.....

blimey I must be feeling all weak and misty eyed

That's a really good description.  This was my first GM, but I definitely came back with a sense of well-being which I hadn't had before I went.  I'm sure the beautiful surroundings help too.

It's quite moving how much Green Man means to some of you.  Hopefully I'll be able to arrive on Thursday next year and meet some of you. 

Elizabeth, I probably had the opposite experience to you this year in that there were 4-5 bands playing that I loved (which prompted me to buy my first GM ticket).  It's unlikely that I'll like the line-up so much next year, but hopefully everything else that's special about Green Man will mean that I'll still enjoy it.

Blancavas, I'm (just) over 50 and so fall into the category you're describing.  Teenage Fanclub were a big draw for me, so not sure if they attracted other 'oldies' too?  (Also the Wedding Present, though clearly they couldn't have affected ticket sales).

I suspect there’s a very different demographic at Reading this weekend. They’re welcome to it. One of the things I love about Green Man is that it draws such a wide ranging audience of all ages, from infants (plenty of those) to octogenarians, but judging by those on here I think it’s fair to say the core audience tends to be middle-aged but discerning music lovers. The kind of line-up they have probably ensures that. It’s always going to attract a more niche audience. 

Totally agree Wakestock, the GM audience whilst not exclusive, is eclectic, and all the better for it. Just had a quick look at the ages of some of my favourite appearances at GM - Michael Rother 68, Patti Smith 71,  John Cale 76, Roy Harper 77, Michael Chapman 77, Bill Callahan 52, Tom Verlaine 68, Van Morrison 72, Robert Plant 70, Billy Bragg 60, Jonathan Richman 67, Seasick Steve 78, King Creosote 51 - probably many more, age matters not a jot if you love beautiful music.

Not to mention Shirley Collins, who was 82 when she played last year. I’d have 27 more to go to match that, but I reckon it might get a bit tougher once we’re well into our 70s!

we were with a 10 month old this year

and whether it was that context or not, i was amazed by how many under-ones there were

i’m guessing that a lot of folks who’ve been coming for years have reached that age where they’re having kids

and thinking ‘fuck it, i’m not going to let that stop me’

and bringing those kids - tricky as it is

i know a lot of folks on here get frustrated with the wagons and pushchairs

(and i definitely saw some arsehole behaviour with those 3wheel off roader pushchairs - though it was a minority)

but how great is it that these kids are going to get to (in part) grow up at a music festival 

i wish my parents had taken me when i was a kid!



I noticed a lot more little ones too.

I had my 10 month old Grandson with me this year Ray, although my daughter did most of the carrying. He loved his little Green Man t-shirt and having a play in the Little Folk area.

Quite glad my parents didn't take me when I was young, as I think the only festivals then were jazz festivals, and that could have put me off music for life!

grandson for us too

and our granddaughter (who'll be 4) is coming next year too

so we're boldly passing on the torch

(while refusing to let go of it ourselves, obvs)

Our fourth GM, but we haven't been since 2012 and we were so pleased to find the whole experience relatively unchanged, despite the lack of mud. We were with a 2-year-old so things were a bit different to the "good old days" but it was finally an excuse to visit the awesome Little Folk area! Luckily none of the headliners were of any interest to us, so we didn't mind some early nights back at the tent.

Everything from the logistics of getting dropped off at the park & ride, the family camping, food, stewards, toilets, Einstein's Garden and the music was perfect.

only bought one CD at Green Man this year...Stella Donnelly.  Playing it in the car and got to say, it just gets better and better to listen to.  We were to,d, at the end of her set, that she learnt her guitar playing from listening to Billy Bragg and following his song books.  The more I listen to her the more I can hear billy’s influence.

There were not many left from the big pile prior to her performance to when I bought mine (it might even have been the last one left).  Guess most people had the same idea and I was lucky there was still one left for me.