How delighted with taht lineup?

I'd give it 9.5. Something for everyone and real quality and excitement all the way down. 

And significantly stronger than (2/3 of )last year's headliners in particular.

Anyone got any more cliches? Or a different opinion?

Fleet Foxes 2011 is still my favourite mountain stage headline performance.


Not as blown away by the line up as I have been in previous years, but there's loads more to be announced and discovering new stuff is half the fun of Green Man. 

Early top 5 for me is Grizzly Bear, Teleman, Public Service Broadcasting, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Lemon Twigs. I love The War On Drugs' records but when I saw them at GM a few years ago I found them dull, so they're not on my must see list.

Someone on Facebook asked Green Man if there was still the Thursday headliner and a Mountain Stage headliner to come and GM replied that there is one more to be announced, so Thursday's could already be in there (PSB would be my bet if that is the case). Although there's usually a bigger deal made of announcing it.

Efestivals website states there is just the Friday headliner to announce but i agree the Thursday line up is normally a special announcement.

I, for one, am really impressed with that first announcement. I missed PSB in 2015, so won't make that mistake again. But what I would really love to see is assorted Watersons and Carthys performing Bright Phoebus. That would make my Green Man.

Research has started!

So far, impressed by/interested in:

Courtney Marie Andrews

Xylouris White

Charles Watson

Curtis Harding

Haley Heynderickx

Shannon Lay


courtney marie andrews is properly ace, kras

saw her last year - and will again this year before GM

she has a fantastic country band - and an absolutely astonishing voice

and the new record has a great dose of 70s soul too



Great call Ray! I haven't been grabbed by many of my "unknowns" yet but that is lovely stuff. 

Great to see Seamus Fogarty getting so much love. I’m seeing him support This is the Kit on Sun with one of my GM besties. I’m loving listening to some of the artists I’d never heard of. Definitely making deepest darkest winter easier to bear!

i dunno

it seems like a kind of pointless attempt to reproduce the (frankly peerless) original

jason sounds like nothing could matter to him more - morby sounds like he's singing the words off a piece of paper

if you're going to cover something this heart-stoppingly good, shouldn't you at least try to bring something different and original to it?

Just trying to come to terms with such a bland initial line up. My kids who have grown up over 10 years with GM  sre strugging to find crumbs of comfort..Baxter Dury yes!!

last year was the best mix ever with something for everyone. Fingers crossed Much love GMT

Would love to see I'm With Her at some point. What's not to like about Sara Watkins, Aoife O'Donovan and Sarah Jarosz singing together. Their harmonies make The Staves sound out of tune. I'm happy with anyone tbh, well except Ezra Furman, maybe my age, not fussed on him at all. I know he has fans on here, so would be happy for fellow forum members, just not for me.