How delighted with taht lineup?

I'd give it 9.5. Something for everyone and real quality and excitement all the way down. 

And significantly stronger than (2/3 of )last year's headliners in particular.

Anyone got any more cliches? Or a different opinion?

Fleet Foxes 2011 is still my favourite mountain stage headline performance.


you would rather see Sun Kill Moon than Fleet Foxes? I get that.

Strong start, Courtney Marie Andrews the standout for me. Happy to see War On Drugs back, good band.

Hmm, some decent stuff for me further down, Dirty Projectors, Bo Ningen, Baxter Dury, Xylouris White. Not wildy excited by headliners but then I rarely am.

I like the beer commercial shite,  when it comes to 11.30 on a Saturday I don't want to think anymore and just need something that breezes over me. I can fall asleep to it, wake up half an hour later, and because all their songs sound the same, not really miss anything. 

Was dead set on staying away this year but Fleet Foxes, John Grant, PSB, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Seamus Fogarty stand out to me. A couple of others I'd check out and some lead guitar wankery I'd definitely avoid - a strong announcement I think.

Not a fan of War on Drugs but Fleet Foxes and John Grant will be good.

Quite a lot of performers from last year's EotR, having said that Bo Ningen were really good.

Looking forward to Seamus Fogerty.

Definitely a great start for us. We fell in love with Green Man, PSB and Teleman at the same time on our first visit to Glanusk In 2013.  Never too worried about the headliners and lots to like elsewhere, looks like another Far Out year for us.

PSB doing Every Valley, in a valley, in South Wales is going to be quite something.


Maybe we could have a separate thread on Guitar Wankery or Best Guitar Wanks?

Anyway, I'm happy enough with the first announcement, and particularly pleased to see Kevin Morby, Marlon Williams, Courtney Marie Andrews and Beak> on it.

Agreed Muddy Holly, PSB will be ace.  Also looking forward to John Grant & Teleman.  Saw PSB last year at a seated venue and it was really muted so will be glad to let rip with the dancing this year!  Duds will be interesting, another Marc Riley rave and he usually comes up with some excellent recommendations (e.g. Oh Sees last year).  Really, really don’t like War on Drugs but I’m sure there’ll be plenty else to do, and my hubby fell asleep standing up to Fleet Foxes in 2011 so I don’t think we’ll bother with them again.  Excited in a muted way but still excited.

Really struggling to find anything to moan about :)

Not keen on Baxter Drury and I can't stand Alex Cameron, but hugely excited for Fleet Foxes, John Grant, BJM, Teleman, Courtney Marie, Boy Azooga, Ider, Seamus Fogarty.

If TWOD shift a few tickets I've no problem with that, there'll be plenty of other places to be that evening.

Just need Ezra Furman as the third headliner to seal the magic !!


Cannot stand TWOD but probably the biggest crowd i've seen at Green Man last time they performed and i agree with Peridot will certainly sell lots of tickets.Do we have the Thursday headliner in that list then?

Enthused by the 1st announcement.

CMA I'm really looking forward to

hehe lots of hate for The War on Drugs.

I really enjoyed them last time.

I maybe in the minority but I'd welcome plenty more guitar wankery.  Especially Pedal Steel Wankery.

I don't hate TWOD, Carnie, they just don't do anything for me really.

They seem to be really popular though and will sell tons of tickets... which means plenty of money and slots on smaller stages for the guitar noodlers I favour.

Noodlery Vs Wankery, discuss....

Well I'm rather partial to a bit Wankery Noodlery but my better half isn't, uh!

Pity no HGM though? loads more to come.

I'd love to have Massive Attack as the Thursday night headliner and of course Boards of Canada which is just a pipe dream - both with 20 yr Anniversary albums.

I'll go on record here and state that I love the War on Drugs. Yes, it is middle of the road guitar wankery, but it just works for me!

Its by virtue of being fairly inoffensive that makes them offensive.  To some.

I was with a group that wanted to see them for last GM appearance and don't recall being irritated.

If TWOD are the most contentious of the acts so far, thats a job well done in my book.

if you're going to go to war on drugs then the choice of drug is vitally important, i think

for instance, going to war on ketamin is probably something that you're going to quite swiftly regret

but going to war on amphetamines will most likely enhance your efficiency no end

it's a tricky one


I don't mind a bit of TWODMOTRGW either!

The real standouts for me are Kevin Morby and Seamus Fogarty who both released magnificent albums last year. 

Just listening to the Spotify playlist and the Seamus Fogarty track is a massive winner for me.

Wasn't aware of him before, but will need to dig a little deeper as I like this a lot.

Agree those are standouts.  Omni and Duds too.  Saw the latter this evening - good fun.  Not a huge fan of the WoD recent albums, but recall they played Bill Fay’s I Hear You Calling on the mountain stage last time round - which was nice.

Hi folks!

First the good news - I've bought our tickets - we will be there!

Er, slightly underwhelming first announcement for me but I am confident there will be loads of great stuff to follow and some of the stuff in the announcement will turn out to be fab.

War on Drugs = Future Islands minus the gurning idiot yeah? Mindblowing MOR tedious.

Teleman (and predecessor Pete and the Pirates) effing brilliant live - very happy with that.

Looking forward to Duds, Seamus Fogerty, Bo Ningen, Jane Weaver, Kevin Morby, Beak.

I do like Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear but found both their last albums rather disappointing - maybe I need to go back for another listen.

Jim Gedhi is rather good, saw him supporting Julie Byrne last year - you'll like him Slugger.

Well thats made my GM18 already ..... anyway in other hews its a good line up; more to come of course and shouldnt judge until we can see all of it .. in any case GM is amazing for its Place, People, Community and Beer .. the music just connects the rest up .... 

Can't wait .....

Glad to be of service.

I also like to troll certain folk on here with Vic Reeves references when discussing Tindersticks

And I also get a heap of flak for my love of twee.

Bring back Treefight for Sunlight!

Just seen WoD are playing a one-dayer in Victoria Park with the National and Future Islands - my idea of the ultimate in snooze-festery.

Can I suggest PSB are on the Mountain stage this year?

And let's have Flat Worms, Hookworms, Ty Segall, Field Music, Surfing Magazines (or Wave Pictures), Charles Howl and Wand?

And can Trembling Bells play every year from now on?

And Wolf People.

And I do hope Elizabeth is wrong about HGM

And if she isn't can Phil Cook come on his own?

And where's the twee?

yeah, just imagine that victoria park thing!

that's where i'm going if i don't sort myself out and be a bit nicer before i die

I don't mind The War On Drug's i prefer the Wagonwheel Blues era and i once managed to climb on stage with them when they played Green Man in 2008, but plenty of stuff i like

Fleet Foxes

John Grant

Dirty Projectors

Grizzly Bear


Kevin Morby

Phoebe Bridgers

Shannon Lay

Courtney Marie Andrews

Jane Weaver

Seamus Fogarty

I remember going to see that Jimi bloke, solo after solo after solo. In all seriousness, we‘re not going to like everyone, we’ll persevere some, walk away from others. I know people that walked out of Richard Dawson last year!!!! Plenty more great stuff to come .... and discover.



Great to see a lot of love for our Seamus.

I've tickets to see him in a tiny venue (Back of Ryan's Bar, Kilkenny) at the start of May. I'll let him know that he can expect a warm welcome at GM. 

Envious, Slugger.

See if you can persuade John Murry to come along to GM, I bet he'll be there too.

Nice line-up. God to see Baxter Dury on the list. I just made a mess of getting tickets for the feb gigs, although I wont be making this years GM so. In other announcements of the day, Cat Power appears on the bill of what looks to be the most boring list of headliners ever:

And Public Enemy LTD are doing a thing:

Is that unusual? 

Hurray, War on Drugs are playing, happy with that, a perfect main stage after dark band. Terrific line up so far and enjoying the spotify play list.