Hiking. Saturday and sunday morning.

Hey all.

I have been to most of the Greenman festivals in the past 10 years and love it.  I do like to enjoy seeing a bit of the countryside too while I am in such a beautiful area. The last couple of festivals I have taken the time to go for a hike in the mountains on a Saturday and Sunday morning. Nothing too crazy but a walk up sugarloaf or one of the routes from crickhowel is good for the soul.   

Anyhow. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me?  I am up for any walk, love a hike, maybe filled by a nice pub lunch and then back to the festival in the afternoon.

I will be driving and staying in crickhowel anyway but happy to swing past the festival site in the morning if anyone is up for it.





As lovely as this sounds, I'm forced to remind myself that after 10 years of promises to myself, I've yet to undertake the riverside walk into Crickhowell on one of the mornings. 

Maybe this year.



What Kras said.

A walk into Crick along the river during Settlers to purchase fresh pastry goods and a pint at the Bridge whilst the kids swim in the river is as much walking as I am capable of. 

But I am pretty lazy.

As others have said, I don't think my body can take both a festival and a walk up Sugarloaf. If yours can, I can strongly recommend the walk up there, though. 

I usually try to allow the 3 hours or so before the first band I want to see on Friday (probably the Warm Digits this year) and walk to Crickhowell and back, spending an hour or so in the village buying things that are cheaper there than onsite. I'm not usually in a fit enough state on Saturday or Sunday.

100% agreement that its worth doing.  I did it last year on the Thursday having arrived at site opening time and got my tent pitched quickly.  Had time to have a good walk around at the top, a visit to Crickhowell and a pint on the way back, and then a shower before being in time for the forum meet-up.  And as you may remember it was a gloriously sunny day. I may even be tempted to repeat this year if the sun comes out to play again.

We now travel up on the Wednesday, so last year managed to do the Sugarloaf walk early Wednesday afternoon, and Tabletop on Thursday morning, which were both superb. Love the view over Glanusk Estate from Tabletop. Only problem is that when descending Mrs W slipped and cut her head open, so I'm not sure she's going to be happy to repeat the experience this year! Might just go to pub for lunch on Thursday instead! Maybe a gentle walk in the morning that doesn't involve heights? We walk in every day from Crick anyway, either along the river path, or along the canal tow path. Both very pleasant walks. 

Hi wakestock.  Whereabouts are you staying in crickhowel? I am in the Bear.

We are staying near the Bridge inn,Perhaps those staying in/near Crickhowell could meet in the Bridge for a drink/chat on Wednesday afternoon or evening.

We're staying in Llangattock, arriving Tuesday so we'll definitely be up for a pint or two in the Bridge Inn (or any other pub for that matter).

I think the Horseshoe inn in Llangattock opens again from this weekend.We are there from Monday so will probably have a drink in all the pubs but on a warm day the Bridge is the best to sit outside.Will try the new Wetherspoons in Brecon as well.

We're staying in Llangattock as well, just over the river from the Bridge End Inn. We"ll be spending Wednesday with my in-laws who are also spending the night in Crickhowell, but would imagine there's a fair chance we'll end up in the Bridge End at some point Wednesday night.