First time posting, new forum member. Is it just me or are this years 'headliners' pretty limp? This is my 7th greenman and 5th in a row. Can't get excited this year for any of the so called headliners. Idles are average, Sharon Von Etten is good but not that good, Father John Misty was no headliner when he was headlining and Four Tet.....well?!?!? The highlight of this years line up is Richard Thompson. Can't help but think GM have missed a trick not getting Doves in for a Sat night headliner. Kyle Craft....Kellen of Troy......so may acts out there. We were spoiled in 2018 with Gizzard, War on Drugs etc. Genuinely thought about selling my ticket this year. Anyone else disappointed?…........................................................................ 


Bit strong but even if it wasn't Doves based on their cuntiness, surely there are better candidates for headliners out there. 

 mr ray is always a bit strong

like a very ripe cheese

me, I could not care two figs about headliners - it's always the stuff lower down the order for me

well, indeed

not fussed about headliners

just enjoy any opportunity to call doves a bunch of cunts, really

(only 2 headliners actually confirmed, btw - father ted misty and four tet)

don't know

they just aren't confirmed as headlining

and the headscratchers over on the efestivals board are convinced that they're not

maybe they'll headline the tent?

they seem too big to do that

but who knows?

or, indeed, cares?

should all become clear at the end of the month when we get the third announcement

Eels website has them down as playing the Sunday.  If Fourtet is the Saturday headliner, and if FJM is headlining then that would have to be Sunday as is playing in Portugal on the Friday.  So Eels either headlining the tent or subbing FJM?

Eels were last at the other place in 2013 when they were sub-headliner on the main stage.  The other place is smaller than GM, and apart from another 6 years longetivity, are Eels any 'bigger' than then?  Or are festivals having to scratch around harder for headliners?

well, their london show is at the apollo - which holds 5000

four tet has two nights at ally pally - 14,000

of last years headliners, FF sold out 2 nights at the apollo - 10,000; king gizzard did ally pally - 7,000; WOD did the 02 - 20,000 (not that they filled it)

so doesn't look good for eels' headliner status

Interesting stuff. Was under the impression that eels were headliners too. Gives me some hope. Not convinced with Idles. Love the variety at GM but a good Friday / Saturday headliner makes the difference. Gizzards were mind blowing last year as were War on Drugs. 







Headliners are like sandwiches. It's always better to make your own! 

Friday.  Julia Jacklin

Saturday.  Eels

Sunday. Big Thief 



I dunno

there's a lovely deli in Church Stretton that makes fantastic sandwiches

my headliners would be Tiny Ruins, James Yorkston and Pictish Trail

oh and Weyes Blood when she's added

the last place i want my favourite bands is in the headliner slot

all those ale-ed up cunts down the front screaming at each other and snapping a thousand photos they'll never look at again

I imagine Eels will be in the same slot as Grandaddy a couple of years ago, which was Sunday, in the tent, at the same time as Belle and Sebastian headlined the Mountain Stage.

But what do I know?

Four Tet are deffo Saturday night headliner, according to GM on FB.

But that's probably only news to me, you lot probably knew this already.

i'm not much of a dance music aficionado, but what kieron hebden does is a lot more interesting

he's been plugging away at it for 20 years too - so he's not just some suddenly succesful 20-something

not sure i'll watch him play as he won't actually 'play' - and watching a guy twiddling knobs on an FX panel is never my idea of a great live experience

but the music is unquestionably beautiful and rich

there might be something in it for you, kras, if you go back a ways

2005's 'everything ecstatic' is pretty wonderful

as is 2003's 'rounds'

try this one:




Headliners this year are Meh but lots to like lower down the bill.  Car Seat Headrest will be our festival highlight regardless of when/where they play - Teens of Denial and Twin Fantasy are two brilliant albums and they’ll play a selection of songs from each.  25 artists and counting on my Green Man playlist, so we’ll be plenty busy enough.

Yes - it’s wonderful, for anyone not sure about Car Seat Headrest or put off by the silly name, have a listen to last year’s re-release of  Twin Fantasy - it”s quite something