Green Man virgin seeks enlightenment...

At Green Man the campsite is seperated from the music area...but it's not really like Reading. There are a few different entrances/exits & I don't remember ever having to queue for anything apart from food, & maybe the toilet on occasion. Also I don't think they ever actually close the music area, or stop letting people in (unlike at Reading).

I'm sure a map will become available at some point closer to the festival.

 They only make the site map available in the programme I believe. The queue for Pieminister is often lengthy but always worth the wait. No queues for stages, you're free to wander at will. 

Green Man is small enough to figure out in a day, you really won't need a site map after you've wandered around it once or twice, trust me.

There are no internal cordons or restricted stage areas etc. - just one gate to get from the camping area to the festival and food area and then you're free as a bird.  And yes, you'll (gladly) find a completely different clientele to that of Reading!  The only things I've had to queue for are the toilets, the bar, the showers and the nachos... :)

 What is the capacity at Green Man?


I'm way past being able to deal with the Glastonburys of this world (last visit of 4 was in 1993) and for the last few years have been kept well satisfied by Latitude (at 25,000 that was really as big as I wanted to go) and End Of The Road which I think caters for 5 or 7,000, can't remember, but either way was pretty much perfect.  I also went to Offset last year which was even smaller but clashes with Moseley which I'm returning to this year.  Couldn't get Latitude tickets this year which is why we've turned to Green Man.


I'll be with my 14 year old son and I'm a bit concerned for him as in previous years at Latitude he had his older brother, and then  one of his mates, and he was happy enough to split his daytime between the comedy tent and hanging around the diablo/juggling/yoyo stall and then watch stuff with me in the evenings.   His musical tastes seem to be broadening nicely and I'm hoping he just gets off on all the wonderful music on the bill and sates his comedy needs later on.  I suppose the question I'm thinking about is, are there many other younger 'teens' at Green Man.  Thinking of EOTR I would say there are very few, whereas at Latitude, with so many families, there are loads.

I think it was 10,000, now moved up to 14,000?  I think 14 is a great age to go (I know I would have loved it!) and I did notice a fair few teenagers of that age.  I will say that the average age seems to be a little older, late 20s/early 30s (what do other people think?)  But GM is the kind of festival where it doesn't really matter in my opinion.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how inclusive it is.

Yep, my mistake, it's capped at 10,000.  Sorry for the scare!

It must be so disappointing for the people who have missed out this time, but as soon as you start increasing capacity, where does it end?

Exactly. I'm glad it's still 10,000. You scared me for a minute there. For a smallish festival like Green Man, 4,000 extra people would be a fairly hefty increase!

 Would probably stop going if the capacity was increased significantly. I'm surprised how quickly i's sold out this year guess that was largely due to last year being so wonderful both in terms of line-up and weather.