Green Man ticket and camper van parking ticket for sale


I now have a spare Green Man ticket (£165) for sale, alongside a camper van parking ticket (£70). I'm based in North London and will be arriving at the festival at 3pm on Thursday. Any takers want to make me offer?



Hi Kelly

We would love to purchase your campervan ticket. What kind of price were you after? Happy to pay face value or a bit above. Have you got a photo of the campervan ticket?



That's great. I'm getting there on Thursday afternoon at 3pm. Be good if we can coordinate to exchange the ticket for cash when you arrive ...

Hi Kelly

Is that message aimed at me?! I hope so, we can definitely meet up and I can bring cash for the ticket. Mobile number is 07870586773



Hi Kelly

Could you text on the number 07870 586773 so that we can sort out a meeting place and sort out the price.



Hello Kelly,

If you still have them I'd like to buy them from you. Be happy to pay   the 235.

Best wishes


Hi Kelly,

Is the campervan ticket for sale? I'd really like to buy it if possible?





Hi, we still haven't managed to get a campervan ticket despite my best efforts. Is yours still available? My kids are so upset that we don't have one.


Yours hopefully


I could also collect any time you like as I'm based in North London N8... sorry to be pushy but ... I'm being pushy! ;o)