Green man spa?

I've just had an email about the Green Man spa in the Nature Nurture area. £40 for two hours.
Am I right in thinking you just get to use the hot tub / showers etc for this money and treatments will be extra?
When we came to Green Man in 2011 I'm sure we paid a small amount which allowed us access to the area all weekend and we had lovely hot showers. Will this no longer be possible?

Chippy the spa is an extra pay as you go 'luxury', the showers and bogs are in with the ticket price

Sorry I didn't word that very well at all. What I meant was I think we paid for access to the nature nurture area for the whole weekend and they had a lovely open air hot shower. It wasn't expensive at all. Sounds like it can only be accessed in two hour slots this time at £40 a pop?

I'm a bit confused about this. I was considering doing some kind of workshop or group activity this year just to do something a bit different, but in the nature nurture area there is no information on what time/day the various workshops run. If you want to take part in those things do you have to buy a two hour slot for £40 in advance from ticketline? And if so, how do you know what time slot to book if it doesn't say what time or day the individual workshops are on? On the ticketline page it says 'Additional therapies available on the day (charges apply)' so what, do you have to spend £40 to get access to the area (and I'm not interested in the hot tubs/saunas etc) only to then have to pay for the actual workshops and therapies themselves? Can you just sign up for a workshop or something when you get there or is this not possible?


I wasn't sure about this either but basically the £40 ticket price covers access to the hot tubs, hot showers, hairdryers/straighteners, towels and a glass of prosecco. There will be workshops and beauty treatments available but these will be at extra cost. I'm guessing that some of the workshops will just be free/drop-in but they're not committing to it as it would depend what time you'll be there if they're running. There's only about 26 tickets per 2 hour slot and then about 30 minutes between slots presumably so they can get everything reset for the next group.  

I have no idea if this will be the case but I reckon the tickets will be for the 'spa' part but other bits of nature nurture will be open and available for reserving stuff. We'll all find out soon enough! (must confess to having tickets for 10-12 on the Sat and Sun as I was desperate for access to hairdryers... I know, I know. Also thought it would be nice to get away from the family for a bit...). Sigh.

Fab - so it won't just be me then!! I just thought it would be something nice and a bit different. Look forward to seeing you in the hot tub, prosecco in hand! (10am isn't too early given that we're at a festival, right...?!)