Green Man Rising!


The list is up here :
I havent listened to them as yet. BUT I do heartily Recommend Butch Kassidy.
Thank you for your time.

I second Butch Kassidy--well at least the one track on SoundCloud.How many Dry Cleaning style bands have been included in that list.

Haven't listened to the list yet but I found the wording of the winning band playing the "next" Green Man sounds a bit ominous in relation to whether this year's festival goes ahead.

anyone describing themselves as angular or post-punk doesn't get my vote

surprised to see clementine March on the list, she's made a rather lovely album for lost map so Johnny ought to get her a slot

they want to get a new graphic designer is my big takeaway from that page

you can't actually read most of the bands' names...

How can we be expected to read that.....bloody white-out lettering....illegible....minimum accessibility these days....bloody amateurish...