Green Man 2012 Thank You!!

Hello everyone!!

All of us at Green Man would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who attended this weekend. You are the ones who make Green Man so bloomin' brilliant each year and we cannot thank you enough!!

Van Morrison sounded incredible, Mogwai shook the Black Mountains and Feist were simply stunning. The burning of the Green Man last night was the perfect way to round off the festivities and we’ve had a truly memorable experience!! What are your favourite highlights from the weekend?

We hope you've all had a cracking few days filled with lots of music, food and booze and all that's left to say is roll on Green Man 2013!!

Many many thanks!!



2nd year for me and another awesome weekend once again! Few highlights included King Porter Stomp, Megafaun

It's nice to actually "show off" what we have in Wales to people from around the world. It's the perfect setting for a festival. Luckily for myself, I'm about 15-20miles away maximum. Shame the Greenman Radio wasn't there this year- You did explain why earlier. Also disappointed not to see Aspell on sale. Stowford Press is ok but prefer Aspell. Food was great as normal.

Thanks to the friendly folk who helped me get out of the car park this morning. Glad I could provide the help to others who left before me this morning. I now have a brown Audi instead of a nice red one :)

Massive thank you to Green Man for another amazing festival. Too many highlights to mention but needless to say i saw many incredible musicians, drank some delicious cider, and met some really lovely people.

Roll on 2013!!

Ditto to comments above. Tons of highlights - The Tallest Man on Earth, The Staves, The Felice Brothers were totally outstanding. The Chinese up by The Far Out tent had awesome food (amongst others I might add), the cameraderie with everyone is pretty unique at Green Man. My personal highlight, The Treetop Flyers! met up with them at the Rough Trade tent and spent part of the next day with them watching Van Morrison in front of the sound tent. Great band, great people, great laughter (you know what I mean boys!) Walter's owner was there too (wanted to say hello and thanks but you were working, next time I will). Thanks.

Thank you Green Man my highlights was Scritti Politti, Van Morrison, Dark Dark, Mogwai really really loud as they should be, pies pies pies...when are the early birds on sale?

my group had such an amazing weekend, thank you Greenman!! : ) Feist last night was the perfect ending to a beautiful weekend.

Amazing to see a festival not hiking alcohol prices- I thought prices were very fair and the selection of booze on offer was second to none. If only you could find normal bars stocked with such a fine selection of beverages.

Highlights were- Damien Jurado (Megafaun accompanying them was wow), The Tallest Man On Earth (incredible), Feist (the best Sunday headliner we've ever had at gm), tuneyards (so much fun dancing in the sun), searching for sugarman (memories of 2009!), JONATHAN RICHMAN, KC&JH (one of those moments!)...... So many actually, i could go on and on : )




First visit to Greenman but it wont be the last. Despite not knowing much about any of the line up when we booked we had a great time - despite the excessive need for WellIes!! Thought last night  on the Mountain Stage was terrific, especially Feist but, also loved the delightful Greta Issac and Chailo Slim, The Felice Brothers, Bowerbirds & The Staves.  Top of my list however has to be Micheal Kiwanuka. 

Who needs tractors I was like Colin McRae gettin out of the site in my vdub, the kids were upside down and bit bruised but it was the best and cheapest ride of the weekend! By Colin I mean the rally driving and not the helicopter flying

First time at Green Man and our first festival too. Loved it all, Saturday night with Cass McCombs, Malkmus and Mogwai was truly fab. Brilliant vibe, superfriendly staff, ace food and stunning setting - thanks Green Man. We'll be back for sure...

Tallest man on earth on his own was worth the ticket price...truely incredible performance. Does anybody know the name of the band that played in Chai Wallahs on Friday night? He had a handlebar Moustache and unbelievable energy! Would love to get their music if anybody could tell me the name?

this year was my 5th greenman festival but first with children and i just wanted to say my wife and i and our 6yr old and 3 yr old had a brilliant time - it was a different festival experience but as good as ever, doing child friendly stuff in areas we haven't really visited before - the mud was difficult at times but never impossible and i am proud of my kids. they coped but not only that, they loved their first festival experience and have said they want to return next year -  i did manage to catch a few bands thanks to my lovely wife and one set i really enjoyed was The Bees in the tent, a blistering performance from a talented group of musicians - so, another brilliant weekend doing lots of great stuff in beautiful surroundings, long live the greenman festival

2nd year solo but never alone.  Met some lovely forum folks and other festival goers and listened to some fantastic new music. Such a beautiful setting, wonderful grub and good beer.  My best buy was £3 for a rain ponco - kept me snug and dry until the sun came out and was amazed to see that once I had washed the mud off I have a suntan!

Walter - it's you and your team of bipeds that deserve the thanks for making Green Man so bloomin' brilliant.

Sitting on the hill listening to Michael Kiwanuka sing 'Home Again' I was thinking how Glanusk and the Green Man feel so much of a home for those few days every year. 

Great to meet everyone who came along on Thursday night and those I bumped into again over the weekend - hope to see you all again next year.

I thought the overall quality of the music this year was the best ever. The only frustration was not being able to be in three places at the same time to catch it all.



Hey Carnie, I'm with you on the best ride of the weekend. Having put our name on the list rather late we were still well down it at 4pm and with the mud drying out a little, little miss peridot and myself did a good reccie of the site and decided to make a break for freedom. In true Blues Brothers style we 'hit it' and with what seemed like a mixture of driving, sailing, and low altitude flying, the car, it's two occupants and the folding camper made it across to the adjacent field and up the laid track to the roadway. 

It all started to be a little too cinematic when we appeared to be leaving a trail of smoke behind us as we left Glanusk but it turned out to be the steam from drying mud in the wheel arches. We must have left about ten kilos of it behind when we stopped to scrape it out.


No mention of dexys?the best dressed band at the festival and a great performance,but kevin you do look ill.Thought cate le bon was outstanding on friday night,some great shredding on that guitar,much noisier than usual-great.Withered Hand and the wave pictures in the far out tent were both enjoyable(i can't recall the ground in there ever suffering that bad before),the bowerbirds would have been better in the walled garden, where joe pug was a pleasant suprise(some great music played between sets,in contrast to the main stage-fucking pink!)Damien Jurado, looked great and sounded even better and he played letters and drawings-thank you.Spoiled really with king creosote(apart from the U2 cover) and Jonathan Richman in outpourings of genuine joy,no summer feeling but we got keith richard.But my absolute highlight was willy mason on saturday night,a stunning performance and a great atmosphere,loved the fiddle and harp,anyone else see him? Great green man again,everyones mentioned the small things(mats,screens,grannies etc) did it seem quieter?did it sell out? Slightly less kids this year? Less weird garnish around the place? Hello to the para gliders and oh i nearly forgot tUnE yArDs-fucking great.

Totally echo what spkenny said about The Tallest Man on Earth. He gave that performance everything, it was a privilege to be there! It was this year's Low Anthem performance (if that makes any sense). When he walks on stage there's a presence to him that's hard to describe but you just know from the first note that this is the real deal. A word also for Wales' own Greta Isaac who opened up Friday's Walled Garden, she did great and we can expect evern better from her in the future. It's interesting to read other people's thoughts on what was good, bad or indifferent. I couldn't complain about a single thing as Van said halfway through his set "many a tear has to fall, but it's all in the game!"

From the moment the unsigned winners This Wicked Tongue drew appaluse for their soundcheck on the main stage to open the festival youknew it was going to be special. I mean, how many hard rock bands soundcheck with a capella renditions of  Loving You by Minnie Riperton and then follow it with Uptown Girl! So many highlights for me - I don't care about the mud - one or two disappointments but hey so what! Awesome festival, we shall return!

Yes, thank you very very much..err... Walter!

Yes, it was muddy but you don't go to a festival in a valley in Wales and expect it to be all sun and warmth and dryness! I know it's harder for people who are less mobile or have kids (or stuck cars), but personally the mud only bothers me when it's also raining or cold. So at least it helped that it was warm all weekend....

I was actually a bit nervous that the music line-up might be a bit (comparatively) weak this year and the main reason I came was that I knew what a lovely and fun atmosphere Green Man always has. But even though it was really helped by the fact that almost EVERY single act exceeded my expectations. Normally I'd expect to  be disappointed by a couple of acts each day, but this year it was one or two all festival.

Anyway, I particularly enjoyed, in descending order:

1. Field Music (reaffirming my belief in them as the best British band around at the moment)
2. King Creosote and John Hopkins (I've seen KC something like 20 times now over the last 10 years or so, and that was very possibly the best)
3. Pen Pastwn (Richard James' project. I'd be interested in people's thoughts on this, I thought it was a real thing of beauty)
4. Mogwai
5. Jonathan Richman (still smiling after that...)
6. TOY
7. Megafaun
8. Bowerbirds (hmm, not sure their evolution/ change in direction will be to everybody's liking, but it worked for me)
9. Dark Dark Dark (ditto!)
10. Withered Hand 

Damien Jurado, Remember Remember,Stephen Malkmus, and The Tallest Man on Earth were all also excellent and difficult to leave out of the top 10.

In the cinema, literature and comedy tents, I was thrilled by Searching for Sugarman, Linton Kwesi Johnson (what a guy!) and Josie Long (complete with a bat flying across the stage, like a mini version of King Creosote and the paragliders the next day) respectively.

I guess I'd better have a token moan since somebody asked for low-points. Did any of you who, like me, tend to end up at the front, find that there were more people chattering through songs? There were about 3 bands that it slightly spoiled for me. But to end on a positive, that's way less than probably any other festival, I'd imagine.

Thank you Green Man, for a lovely bubbly party.  More sunshine than I had feared, especially Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  And it was beautifully warm, making the campfire even more of a roaring success than usual.  Musically, the bonkers bands in the cinema on Saturday afternoon (Casey & Ewan curated), complete with mind-boggling animation, were utterly brilliant - Them Squirrels and the Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, take a bow.  Goodnight Lenin, was a truly lovely start, and the Green man lighting up the sky with a ten glowing in his heart bookended a weekend with no musical disappointments.  I did really really miss Granny's Tea tent though.  Hope that was a one-off omission.  On the other hand, the Welsh food stall at the General camp entrance was pants-stretchingly great. All in all, if you still keep having us, I'll keep coming.

Highlights for me were....

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - I had a bit of a 'moment' during Bats in the Attic

'Apocalypse' A Bill Callahan tour film in the Cinema tent

Ghostpoet - basking in the sunshine!

Damien Jurado

Cass McCombs

Friendly folk laughing through the mud

It was a fantastic festival and I can't wait for next year.....thanks Walter

Low points.........The Mud!....oh and I prefer Aspells to Stowford Press but I soldiered through.