Just looking beyond GM for a second, we saw Goat at Latitude last week(they've been mentioned on here once or twice) and they were pretty much the best live band I've seen for a long while. You Tube etc doesn't do them justice, the live experience was full on. They have a short tour coming up in September and October. If they're coming near you do give them a go, I promise you won't regret it. One for next year's line up please Walter.

so dosappointed

saw the thread heading aand thought it was someone asking if they could bring their goat with them


I saw Goat on the Hell Stage at Glasto last year and it was probably the second best gig I've ever been to. Lots of fire, ritualistic dancing, and voodoo masks. I'll be seeing them again at Liverpool Psych Fest in September. 


Of course the BEST gig I've ever been to is Akron/Family last July! I'd sacrifice any band on the line-up this year to see their psychy wig-out once again. 

Also seeing Goat at Psych Fest in september and  also concur about Akron Family,surely the best Green Man band never to have played Green Man.

have you been to the psych fest before? How late do you think they may be on? I'm working that evening but could get over for about 11 maybe....and what do you people recommend as a starting point for Akron/family for a newcomer please?

It will be my first time at Psych Fest,but there are a couple of people on here who have been,great Akron recommendation from Ray,Ed is a portal is our song of choice for any moment we need to jump around a bit at family and friends gatherings,all together now "to all of the places that i have been"

Brilliant band

huww - best place to start with ak/ak is 'love is simple'

has the most accessible stuff on there

but still a complete wig flip

'ed is a portal' will be stuck in your head forever - appropriately enough