Morning you lot! GM19 is here at long last with our first wave of acts and tickets now on sale (and a new website thrown in for good measure). Hope you're lining what my human counter-parts have been working on. Woof, bark, bark, woof x 

A quick flick listening to the 30 second segments on GM site leads to to spend more time investigating Mapache(a Rayrad tip is always worth checking)Gwenifer Raymond,Just Mustard,Bodega and chaqqua Wrestling(I know I've spelt that wrong)----of the acts I've never heard of.But have 4 gigs this week so YouTube/Spotify checking will have to wait 


That's a great first announcement for me. 

I was very disappointed with the lack of folkish acts last year but Meic Stevens, James Yorkston and Bridget St John more than make up fo it. Add Big Thief, Tiny Ruins, Mapache, Car Seat Headrest, Sharon Van Etten into the mix and it's a quality lineup. 


... If Bridget St John is playing there should be a good chance that we get another visit from Michael Chapman. He's touring with her this year. 

Strong first announcement, with very little to moan about there. More than enough already for me, with more to look forward to come March 1. Plenty I’m already familiar with, but still a good few to investigate too, which is part of the pleasure. I’ll look forward to getting stuck into that this weekend. 

Really pleased with the first announcement as well.   Plus very grateful for all the comments/tips from fellow forumites which contribute to my lists of must see/avoid at all costs.

two of my previous GM highlights could be recreated with the returns of Steve Mason and Whitney.

not sure why four tet gets a headline slot apart from a potential impressive light show.  Was a time when electronica like that would be lined up for after hours in the big tent. 

Started the trawl through the less familiar stuff. Like Mapache, anna St Louis and The Comet is Coming.

Sorry don't get either Car Seat Headrest or Sharon van Etten (who I alraedy knew but thought I must have been wrong in not liking her cos mr ray and slugger like her and I respect their taste in music but I really really don't like her sorry)

Yeah, strong lineup and a lot more "Green Manny" than last time. Nothing blows my head off, but it seems certain to be a good one. Might get my ticket on pay day tomorrow, a full 6 months before I usually do :) It'll be lovely to see James Yorkston back doing his solo stuff. Can we have him on the Mountain Stage?

Still got fingers crossed that the Eels rumour is true. Stumbled on their last album last week and it's a real corker! Of bands who are still going but haven't played GM, they're the obvious future headliner, they tick absolutely every box for that role.

Idles are better than Sleaford Mods, but that's a very low bar.

not having much EOTR envy this year based on that announcement 

hoping jessica pratt makes it to GM as well

but if not, of the two EOTR probably makes more sense for her

otherwise, meh

(in terms of what they’ve got that we haven’t i mean)

Tend to agree,it will have to join Sea Change in waiting for announcement 2.Happy with Low and Spiritualised as Thursday headliner and a few of the smaller acts but not enough to justify buying a ticket so far----think that's the first time I've ever said that about EOTR.

Do we think GM Thursday headliner is included in the announcement?

That's a shame,I wanted them in the Far Out but not on the Thursday--will be uncomfortably packed and I hope people with kids realise how physical Idles gigs can be.

they really need to open up another area on the thursday night

in the days when only a certain number of folks turned up on the thursday, it was fine having just the far out

but last year it was bedlam in there

i know chai wallahs is open too these days - but it's not enough to take the pressure off

maybe it's to do with their licence

that they can't have any outdoor stages open on the thursday because of the noise

but something's got to give, i think

They could use the comedy tent for folkier acts on a Thursday--l know it's popular buts it's rare for me to find an act that interests me in Chai Wallahs.

good call indeed

I shan't be going anywhere near Idles so there'll be a bit of extra room

Couple of hours research last night on those either not heard of or not been listened to before - really like TVAM, Khruangbin, Comet is Coming, Lee Fields, Grimm Grimm and Just Mustard. Several others I'm aware of or have seen, audiobooks, Black Country New Road (ex Nervous Conditions). Shaping up nicely.

Trying to buy tickets but can't do it as there is an error! Is this a Glastonbury moment?