Morning you lot! GM19 is here at long last with our first wave of acts and tickets now on sale (and a new website thrown in for good measure). Hope you're lining what my human counter-parts have been working on. Woof, bark, bark, woof x 

Two. Four Tet and Father John Misty are headlining the Mountain Stage with one more to be announced. I'm thinking Idles as Thursday headliners? If so it'll be rammed!

I hope so, BPH.

Got myself over excited last night listening to Beautiful Freak

I thought all headliners, including Thursday, were on there to be honest with Four Tet, Idles, FJM and SVE. Interested to see who the further headliner will be and where SVE will sit.

won't four tet be an after hours job?

so they'll effectively headline

but there'll be someone on in the normal finishing slot before them - who'll qualify as headliner

they usually save a headliner for later, don't they?

and if eels are playing, they'd surely be big enough

SVE may well headline, as will the execrable FJM - then eels as the third


The email sent out this morning says Four Tet and FJM are both Mountain Stage headliners with one more to come. No mention of where Idles are playing but I would guess Thursday Far Out.

you're right

didn't read the blurb under the poster

so SVE not a headliner - which surprises me

if KGATWL are headliners, how is SVE not?

GM has a continuing problem foregrounding female artists...

I’d have thought SVE would be a certain Mountain Stage headliner, especially with with some of the new songs. Seventeen in particular is surely made for that? Far more so than Four Tet, who I’d have pictured headlining the scary tent. 


(though i'm very keen on keiron hebden and his trippy bleeps)

have to say, i'm not as sold on the SVE record as everyone else

the songs are undeniably great

but the production is truly horrible

definitely my least favourite of her records so far

some great stuff!

Already more for me than last year...

Four Tet



Richard Thompson

Pictish Trail


Hen Ogledd

Tiny Ruins

Steve Mason

Grrrr.  This is torture Walter.  I can't make it this year and look at the names.  Richard Thompson!  I've been asking for him for years!

What a great announcement!

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs 
A Certain Ratio
Bodega (can I take credit for this, as I pestered you by every media last autumn? :D )
I was in two minds as to whether to choose GM or EOTR this year... I'm not sure what the latter could pull out of the bag now. Blixa Bargeld? Fat White Family?
Great work, GM team!


I don't need any more announcements - apart from the one that adds Wave Pictures, British Sea Power and HGM of course.

By my reckoning that's 20 must-sees straight off. And none of them are headliners.

Stereolab-Amadou & Miriam-Khruangbin-Whitley-Big Thief-Richard Thompson!!!-Aldous Harding-Gwenno-Steve Mason-Julia Jacklin-Lee Fields-Jesca Hoop!!-Wee Jamie Yorkston-Bridget St John!!-Tiny Ruins!!!-Big Johnny Pictish-Avi Buffalo-Hen Ogledd!!!-Anna St. Louis-Gwenifer Raymond

Best ever first announcement. Was feeling sorry for myself anticipating having to miss Wave Pictures in birmingham tomorrow due to impending snow but this has cheered me up no end. Come here Walter, wanna to give you a big kiss!

By the way Lee Fields (this year's soul act!) is the business. I've wanted to see him for ages.


Now, who can i pick a fight with about Idles? Might be able take them more seriously if they were 17.

idles seem good intentioned

but christ on a bike, it is music for teenagers only, isn't it really?

they're the british rage against the machine

i will not tidy my room until the opressed are free!

i thought you liked those treefight saps?  (see what i did there?)

or are you using that clever 'sarcasm'?

about which i know nothing whatsoever

i'm forwarding you my dentist bill

as several of my teeth have spontaneously fallen out in the brief seconds before i managed to stop that

No messing about, that is a cracking first announcement isn't it? 

Good mix of must sees and nice to sees, as well as a whole load of digging through the lower order for inevitable gold.

Ace work Walter and friends. 

mapache by far the most exciting name on that line up for me

can they be convinced to also do a set as the grateful shred?

then very pleased with SVE, richard thompson, stella donnelly, stealing sheep, anna st louis, gwenifer raymond & squid (and fourtet if i can stay up)

will be avoiding like the plague: FJM, aldous harding, idles

Brilliant start, for us it’s all about Car Seat Headrest who we adore, but lots of others to keep us occupied whilst we wait for Will and the gang.

As usual I’m not fussed about the main stage headliners, we’ll almost certainly be in the tent and whether you like them or not I predict here will be more IDLES t-shirt’s on show this year than all other bands put together.

Right off to do some homework, but where to start?

Need to have a listen to Mapache,I usually like Rays choices( excluding Gospelbeach) and some new names to explore but happy with Car Seat Headrest,Idles if they are in far out,Four tet will bring back memories of Baskerville Hall.Not bothered about FJM but he will shift tickets.

Will this be the first year with no negativity after first announcement---well about line up,lots of motorhome ticket grumbles.

You won't pick a fight with an Idles fan (irrespective of whether you're sporting a perm, or not)

You've rather weakened your argument by revealing the fact that you clearly haven't listened to that which you are compaining about ;-) Naughty boy.

All is Love


Jeez man, you cannae avoid bloody Idles on the radio - they are the 6 Music house band

Stopped listening to dayrime, weekday 6 Music now - it's shite

Will aka Car Seat Headrest used to record in the back of his parents car, hence the terrible name.

Great band though, Twin Fantasy and Teens of Denial are 2 of my favourite albums Of all time.

Another thumbs up for Car Seat Headrest from me. Best gig that I went to last year.

Stereolab is my number one must see at the moment. Hopefully they headline the Far Out and clash with FJM who I'm not interested in.